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Is there a way to get the cat to sleep in a certain spot?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 9th, 2010

I just bought a new comforter, and she’s an uber-shedder, no matter how much I brush her. I don’t really want to shave her, because let’s face it… she’ll still shed. The short-haired cat is shedding like mad too.

I folded up the old comforter nice and cushy across the whole foot of the bed where her spots usually are. She decides to sleep directly in front of it, on the new one.

When the old one was the new one, I put towels at the foot of the bed, and she went right to them. And the old comforter is more plush than the towels AND the new comforter.

The only thing I can think of is that I washed the old one first before I put it there for them. But it’s not like I never washed it while I was still using it.

Any ideas? I’m really trying to avoid having to aggressively de-lint my new blanket daily.

I know this is ridiculous… the owner of one of the top 10 cat divas asking a question about cat behavior modification… hah!

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If only there were a phrase to describe this impossible task. Perhaps an analogy. Lke “herding cats”, perhaps.

re: Washing the comforter

I had a cat who loved to jump on a bed with a newly laundered comforter. And the smell would make her puke. So I had to wash the comforter. Which she promptly jumped on….

It was endless.

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try the towels on top….....
Good luck to you.

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Would attaching strips of the hook side of Velco™ on the area your want her to sleep
and then placing her on that spot? She might just sleep right there!

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They make sprays to deter cats from peeing in certain places, maybe these sprays help keep them away in general? Maybe look into that (I got it from my vet)

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what? I kid, I kid

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A taxidermist can help you solve your problem.

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Most of the cats I’ve live(d) with like to lie on my clothes – regardless whether they were clean or dirty. It’s not tidy, but if your cat does the same thing maybe you can leave a t-shirt or something on the bed for a day or a few (pretending you DON’T want her to lie on it) and she might gravitate toward that.

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I’ve used suran wrap to good effect. They don’t like the weird half-sticky feeling of it and I can buy a big roll of it for a dollar.

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Surely, you jest !

The only possible thing you can do (which I’m pretty sure you won’t, but at least I’ll throw it out there) is to make it as unattractive to her as possible.

Presumably, she has a favorite spot staked out? If not this won’t work either.

But they do have these things called Scat Mats which are placed on countertops etc wherever you don’t want the cat to go. They give off a very mild electrical charge NOT AN ELECTRIC SHOCK. It’s like a tingling sensation to their sensitive paw pads which they obviously dislike.

They also have “dummy” ones which are identical in appearan e to the charged ones once the cat has been trained to avoid the pads.

That’s all I can think of. But if kitty settles in various places on the new comforter, you may as well just resign yourself to the inevitable and buy a duvet cover which at least can be washed separately.

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I think @Buttonstc is right. I might pay the rent, but she rules the roost. And yes, she has picked out her favorite spot on the new comforter. Poofy jerk.

Interesting part is that Mookie, who must have received a partial lobotomy instead of a spay, apparently understands because she snuggles up on the old comforter all night.

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Not even I, the cat whisperer, could manage that. I have lost the war with cat hair. I do what I can, but I have to accept the fact that everything in my life will have fur on it. Get the Costco pack of lint rollers.

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Ikea has a lovely selection of Duvet covers priced quite reasonably :D

And if you don’t mind the higher end of the scale try The Company Store. Great quality and they last half of forever.

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Sorry for laughing, @poofandmook, but this comedy was a welcome relief after just watching a gloves-off boxing match between a couple of flutherfolk.

No, there is no way to get a cat to sleep where you want her to unless you put a fence around the spot with her inside. Even at that, I bet she’d stay awake just to show you. We’re talking cats here.

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Another boxing match. Where?
How about a link?

This is some night. I wonder it it’s a full moon out tonight.

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Oh, you were there, @Buttonstc, and not just as a spectator.

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Ha ha. The height of that one was about four hours ago. E eryone in it except me quit it around 11 or so.

I thought you were talking about another one erupting more recently. Too funny.

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Nope, i don’t think you can make them lie anywhere…sorry…. :D

What if you spray/dab some perfume on the bed where yo don’t want them to lie? My cat hates some of my perfumes and just short of runs away when i have them on and try to touch him, hehe.

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Every time I think my cat has found a favorite place, he comes up with another… and then another. But his favorite places are my easy chair (especially when I want to sit in it), on a piece of my clothing, a damp towel, or in front of the back door bird-watching. The only place I have any luck regularly enticing him to sit is on a towel on my bed in front of an upstairs window.

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@Jeruba: I’m glad my thread here could give you a chuckle. I must admit, reading back on the thread hours later, I realize now that I probably could’ve asked “what is the meaning of life?” and ended up with a more concrete solution than how to control my poofy jerk diva :)

@tinyfaery: I have one of those lint brushes with the red fuzzy thing, not the sticky paper. For the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere. I have Bissell’s “Pet Hair Eraser” vacuum, and while it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, it does have that red fuzzy thing attached to the front so it balls up the cat hair when you push forward, and then sucks it up when you pull back. At least, that’s the theory. But I am getting ready to rip the stupid attachment off and use it on the bed, because not being able to find the lint brush is driving me batty.

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Oh, and…

@Buttonstc: I just bought it because of how pretty it is, and I’d hate to have to cover it! lol

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The scat mat works here (5 cats). They eventually find another spot and get used to it, so I can remove the mat after a while. But, being cats, if I give ANY indication that I don’t want them somewhere, they immediately decide that’s the most desirable spot on earth!

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@llewis: I’ve caught her sleeping on the designated comforter about three separate times today. I’ve also taken a picture of her sleeping on the new one 2 separate times. lol

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