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How do I forget things?

Asked by PsychoticDiscoMonkey (61points) July 9th, 2010

Well, as of late I’ve been thinking a lot of someone. I don’t always talk to her every day in my life, but she means a lot to me none-the-less.

It kind of hurts going without talking to this person. She has a job, and due to certain disabilities that I feel would be a burden to talk about, I am not allowed to work myself.

She’s not yet had her license, and I won’t be able to drive. Ever. (Not being pessimistic, but honest.) I was wondering if there was any cure for thinking about a person that you’ve been with for a year and really care a lot about.

It’s been 9, almost 10 days sicne I last talked to her. I’ve been thinking so much about her that I haven’t slept in 3 days.

I’ve tried relaxing in a hot shower, hot bath, I’ve tried playing my favorite game (Drakengard 2) and reading a book…I’ve tried going on a walk and working out(things I do every day), but nothing seems to work. It there anything that I’ve left out? I rarely have access to a computer, due to problems with the one I bought one year ago starting in November. And I the person I currently live with has changed the TV Station.

I can no longer watch TV, unless no one else is around. Good luck for me finding that.

I mean, if you think it’d help, this girl is the only girl who has ever been able to take my mind off of one of my ex’s. First time I fell “In love”. Due to the way we broke up(won’t share how), it really tore me to pieces. Do you guys know of anything that could help?

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I sent you a comment, please respond

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Don’t try to forget, just let your emotions come as they come. Wallowing for a little while is pretty normal after a serious break-up. This is my standard plan of attack:

Throw self on bed. Cry head off. Eventually fall asleep. Pick self up, dust self off, and move forward. Repeat as necessary.

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Walk to the library. Just sit and read and get lost among the books, and periodicals.
You will exercise both your body and mind.

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Accepting the truth and be rational of the situation… tho sometimes the mind and heart works in the opposite direction.. as augustlan said, just let it go bit by bit… dun feel its wrong to be in that sort of situation…

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One trick that I find can be useful is to put your feelings in writing, which you have already started doing by writing this post. I find pen and paper works best, but a computer document is okay. Just pour out all the things that you would not care to share with anybody else. Set aside some time to do this every day. If all works well, at some point you will become fed up with your ranting and will be ready to move on.

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Sometimes learning something new can be a better distraction than passive activities. Having your mind engaged in learning will help drive the thoughts away.

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My advice is to try to cover associations with her with other associations. If so many things remind you of her, try to make them remind you of something else. For example, I had a music album that reminded me of an ex, and I would always hear songs from it on the radio, in stores, etc. I forced myself to listen to it in a really fun context with my brother, and finally these songs remind me of fun family time rather than of the ex. But it sounds like you’re in deeper than I was, good luck getting through this.

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