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What's your current job?

Asked by meagan (4650points) July 10th, 2010

I’m job hunting right now.

I’d love to hear what everyone is doing right now, whether they love or hate it – give me some advice!

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I am a free lance writer and editor working from home. I love it, but business has dried up a lot since the recession.

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I’m a beach bum…songwriter…antiquer…retired from accountability.

But, how can what we do influence what you do? It depends upon your expertise and/or passion…and, many more elements.

Are you searching for ideas perhaps…and, not advice, as you state?

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I’m not currently working other than doing some legal work for friends and family from home. I’ve been retired a few years and feel like I would like to go to work a few days a week.

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I just got laid off, I was working in a glass factory. Operating machines, stacking glass, etc.

Fuck them though, 2 month holiday tomorrow!
Then university and no more shitty factory work ever again.

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I sold seashells by the seashore before BP ruined by business.

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I’m a registered nurse. I currently work “as needed” at a doctor’s office and I hate it. I miss all the clinical aspects of working in the hospital. I miss the interaction with my patients. I mostly assist the doctors when they need it (which isn’t often), do triage on the phone, and refill prescriptions. Working in the hospital was so much better. I had my group of patients. I did my assessments, administered medications, performed various nursing tasks (dressing changes, iv insertions, foley insertion and removals, etc), and had a chance to interact more with my patients.

I’m also a student, finishing my BSN. Sure it’s not really a job, but it’s time consuming. I’ll be graduating in August!

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I’m a mommy.

I’d like to get into working at least part time again, but that won’t happen until after Hubby gets his license back.

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I’m an ecologist, currently working on some field research. The job allows me to travel around quite a bit, and see some very unique and interesting places. I absolutely love it.

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Academic Manager/Teacher.

I like it, but it doesn’t pay enough.

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Me and my husband are business owners, we co-own 6 barbershops. It’s ok because we get to work together, from home, and for ourselves. Some employees can be a pain in the ass though, some of them are like children, you’d swear you opened a creche instead of a business. Other than that, it’s all good.

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I work in the investor relations department of a publicly-traded company.

It’s alright.

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I’m a Field Representative for a California State Legislator. I actually mostly manage/run our office’s internship program in addition to constituent outreach event planning/programming. Not exactly my ideal job (I’d like to be able to work the legal related side of venture capital), but given my options? I’m not complaining. Actually, the only complaint I have is that he’s not of the same political affiliation as I am (it’s complicated).

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Librarian – it’s a great field and we need people to go into it. Not much money and you need to get a Master’s degree, but the intellectual and moral rewards are great.

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@bob_ You do not. You work in a deli and you know it!

I have a degree in education. Got it in 93. Never really worked in a field that used it, except when I was subbing, trying to get a teaching position. After three years I moved on to other things. Well, in March of this year I just happened to fall into a teaching job that will actually give me the benefits of being a bonified teacher! I teach a diploma completion program for adults (They get their actual HS degree, not a GED. Some of them are in the program for a year or more….) This summer, though, I’m teaching summer school for HS students. That was FUN!!! So, long answer to say, “I’m a teacher.”

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@Dutchess_IIIi missed your long ass stories D! :)

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I buff bumpers and I hate it.

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JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I actually like your avatar better than mine. I almost stole it the other day, the first time I spoke to you, not knowing who you were, but decided that would not be nice since you didn’t know me…..but NOW stealing is perfectly fine, so watch out!

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Got that right @boots!! We’re in trouble now!

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day job: creative director at a 126-year-old family-run farm
night job: instructor and curriculum consultant at AI
freelance job: web designer and photographer with two or three regular clients

And yes, I love what I do – although, at some point, I need to be doing less of it.

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Self employed, government contractor. Absolutely Love it. I have deliverables that must be met every 2 months. Some weeks it gets very exciting.

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I am retired due to disability. Lousy job, long hours, lousy pay!

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I work in the administratiojn office of a major UK insurance & motor breakdown company. While the actual work itself can be tedious sometimes, they’re generally a good company to work for, and I enjoy working there. I started in sales, and intend to return to that when the economic climate returns to normal.

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I’m a retired Army Engineer officer, organic farmer and PhD candidate in history.

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I am an interior and home staging design specialist and also moonlight at my local tourist thrift store some weekends.
A fun little hub catering to the camping and river rafting crowd with a great array of gently used camping equipment, life jackets, and assorted everything you could ever need for a day or night on the river.

I LOVE my work!

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I am a tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader at a local Community College. With the recession, a lot of people are going back to school (especially community colleges), so demand is high. It always seems like my office is hiring new people.

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@Ivan What do you tutor? I’m taking an Algebra classes this fall…

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Heh, I tutor Calculus, Algebra, and Physics.

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firearms instructor for the sheriff’s academy in cook county

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I’m a homemaker, married to an I. T. professional. I have had many different jobs since I first entered the work force at the age of 16, as a magicians assistant in my Dad’s magic act.

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I currently work in retail. If you can avoid retail do it. Some people are super horrible to retail workers. Honestly if everyone was a nice person retail wouldn’t be so bad.

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Inside sales rep for a small manufacturer of bicycle accessories.

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