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When were you close to embarrassment?

Asked by rebbel (31763points) July 10th, 2010

Can you recall a situation where you had to handle quickly to prevent an embarrassing situation?
For example: Your aunt rings the doorbell, you quickly take that ugly vase she once gave you from the cellar and put it back in your living room.
Got any?

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I can’t think of an example of when I came close, but I can share a story or two where I dove into the deep end of embarrassment.

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I was taken to a really posh restaurant and my date passed out while sitting up at the table with me. Time passed and the bill came which was going to be near $100.00 and I was really glad I was carrying cash (a rareity) to pay bills that week because I ended up paying and then working on rousing my date to go. Ah, memories…

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Heh, come on, give me one of those two stories then :-)

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Well, there was that time, when I almost answered a question on fluther and…….excuse me….. :-).

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I have been married four times. (It is a long story). I adore my wife and appreciate her very much and I rarely feel frustrated with her where I feel the need to argue my point vociferously.

One one such occasion, I called her by the first name of my second wife (my children’s maternal unit) and my error was unmistakable.

I quickly said, ”(her name), I love you very much and though I am a bit frustrated with you right now, I am not confused who you are or why I am delighted to be your husband. You know how infuriating (second wife) was and how I could have used the wrong name when I was flustered and frustrated. Please forgive me?”

She gave me a hug, apologized for being frustrating and stubborn and warned me that I better not make that mistake in bed with her later or she would not be so understanding!

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I swore i would never tell this, but i’m in a brave mood this morning, so here goes….........

Each morning, i take a prescribed 20 mg. water pill. at the spur of the moment, my wife and i decided to drive to a casino, which is 150 miles away. my water pill acts on me just about every twenty minutes. off we go to the casino. i stop three times enroute for personal relief. on the last stop, we had about 35 miles to go, before reaching our destination. i thought i could make it. NOT.

I drove into the casino garage parking lot, squirming and uptight about having “to go”. it was urgent. from the garage parking lot to the first casino bathroom is about 2,500 feet. at a fast, very fast pace, i left my wife behind in the garage and took off.

I did not make it…..........thats right, i tinkled all over myself. thank goodness i had a change of clothes in the overnight bag i was carrying. i made it to the checkin at the hotel, holding my overnight bag in front of me to cover my most embarrassing moment. no one ever knew, except my wife and she is still laughing. she said, “i can just see the healines…...MACHO COP TINKLES IN PANTS.

I cannot believe i have told this.

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Very funny revelation, @john65pennington , and very brave!

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@rebbel Okay, this one is for you:

I used to facilitate an adult education class for our company. While getting ready for the next session, some of the participants came back from their lunch break early. One of them, a male, asked a question, so I headed across the room to his seat. We were chatting away when another participant came in and asked if she to talk to me. I followed her out of the room, and she politely let me know that one of the buttons on my blouse had come undone and that my lime-green bra was quite visible. A blush, a button and a safety pin for extra precaution, and I was ready to go back to work.

It doesn’t end there. Many months later, the company had their annual conference. After the day’s meetings, a group of us went to the hotel bar to have a drink. When I tried to pay the bartender, he said that it was already taken care of by the man over there. He points, and I look in that direction. 3 guesses who the man was.

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