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If I buy a Macbook Pro in the USA will it work in the UK?

Asked by mazzkat (305points) July 10th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m going to Florida in August and I have enough to buy a Macbook there. It works out a LOT cheaper and was wondering if anyone else has brought one or knows if it will work in the UK if I bring it back? Thanks!

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Hai Maz

Yeah :) It’ll work just fine. You just need to get an adapter for the plug (which you can find fairly cheep @ Boots I think mine was like £7 or something) Also, I’m pretty sure Joe got his in the US.

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The standard in the UK is 240 V 50 hz whereas the US uses 115 V 60 hz, So you need a charger that accepts the UK voltage. Given that, your Macbook should work just fine in the UK.

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Would @mazzkat be able to buy a replacement charger for it when she gets back to the UK? That seems like the simplest soloution to me.

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@ETpro your right on the voltages, but no need for another charger.

You will have no issue, what soever. The adapter will work fine. You can change the plug on the adapter to be UK, by buying a set at apple. Or you can buy any standard electrical cable that has 2 wires and ends in one of those small 8-shaped plugs. You probably have one t home, already. Don’t worry about it…. you will understand immdeiately when you see the adapter.

I bought my MacBook Pro in the US and use it in Europe, the Uk, anywhre. (I am Dutch.)

You might consider getting a care pack for the warranty, though.
go holland

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@whitenoise Oh? The stock Apple adapter can take 240VAC? I know that some can, but I don’t know about that particular charger. Good to know though. I guess I’ll have to read the label on one next time I am near an Apple kiosk.

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The keyboard may not be the same in the US, but other than that you should be fine.

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The built-in power adapter will handle the difference in voltage; you don’t need to get a special adapter. Just use a regular U.S. to UK power adapter, and press Option + 3 whenever you need a £ sign.


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Oh, of course! English and english, it should work just fine. Worst case scenario you can get it altered somewhere if it doesn’t work out. Are you flying to America just to buy a Mac? If you buy one buy me one too! (I’m just kidding)

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Thank y’all for the responses; I decided against this because I’m too scared that I’ll get caught at customs with it (though I know this is unlikely, it’s still a possibility). We’re going to Disneyworld, so coming back with a laptop might look odd. ;]

I got one today at a student discount so saved myself some pounds anyway! I’m a happy cat.

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@mazzkat I don’t think it should matter. Just say you got it as a spur of the moment thing when you were shopping because you need it for school. Just buy a case for it, they’ll think you just brought it with you on the way in.

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Re-read my response, Chels. ;]

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@mazzkat That goes to show how much I pay attention <3

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