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How do I silence my "noisy" neighbor?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) July 10th, 2010

My new apartment has this weird sound amplification thing going on, and when my upstairs neighbor walks around, it’s really loud. I don’t want to yell at him because he should walk around in his apartment. Is there something I can do to make it quieter? Maybe carpet for the ceiling?

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Do you have a dropped (suspended) ceiling? If so, you can get sound dampening panels.

Even if you have a regular plaster ceiling, I think you might be able to attach such panels to your ceiling.

Check here

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Acoustic ceiling tiles are fantastic. What @cprevite said ^.

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@cprevite Um, I have the basement apartment of a Victorian house built in 1915 that was converted into apartments in the 50s. So I have no freaking clue what type of ceiling it is except the kind that goes over your head.

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Well, if it is only walking around, you may be out of luck. You may have to consider moving. If you do, before renting a place have the people upstairs walk around to see how much cusioning you get. Some sound leaks from all apartments.

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You are most likely stuck with it. I’ve lived below heavy walkers before. You’d be surprised at how you will maybe miss the sound once it is gone.

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There is of course another thing you could do: go to your neighbour and tell him that you hear him when he walks around, that you obviously don’t want to stop him doing so, but is he maybe wearing his shoes (or cloggs) in the house?
If so, ask him friendly if he would mind to wear slippers/house shoes.
Friendly and non-accusing being key words here.

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Sounds like it’s the nature of an old house. I imagine the floors are plank under the carpet or hardwood. I lived in a house built around 1900 and every step taken upstairs was heard downstairs. I doubt your landlord will allow you to attach panels to your ceiling; I wouldn’t.

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In a pinch, egg cartons work very well as sound baffles. Save them up (and ask your friends to save them) until you have enough to entirely coverr your ceiling. The floor is probably acting like a drum, amplifying the sounds from upstairs. The egg cartons will at least partially offset this. They’re not only cheap, they can be easily affixed with a stapler, double-sided carpet tape, or paste to make them easy to remove when you need to move out.

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In a building that old the joists are weak and the effect is to drum. You are SOL

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I wish my neighbor only walked…she is loud, drunk, rude…....and lives in the house next door, very close though.

I’m afraid you have found one of the pitfalls of multiple dwelling living. Sounds like an awesome house, though.

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This sounds rude but you could be LOUDER, then she or he may get the point. Or maybe you could write a letter and write, from, the neighbors.

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Right now, I wish I had an ak47 or the gall to call the cops…...

but i dont consider floorwalking a serious offense.

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@eyeDani They want to be peaceful, not combative.

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@eyeDani I don’t think that would do any good, they aren’t playing heavy metal loudly at 3 am, they’re just walking around. Not much they could really do.

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