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What's the best way to organize your single songs in your music collection?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) July 10th, 2010

I have over 8,000 songs and hate seeing an artist name with just one song because I only liked that one song of theirs (or from 1-hit-wonders)
How do you organize them all? Do you create a fictional album; like “Singles-Jazz” for jazz songs? Do you then create fictional album art?

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I organize them by genre and then alphabetically.

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Most of my music is single songs. I have them on a playlist called One Hit Wonders, but then they also are cross listed by genre, and then appear on separate playlists by various themes, some of which only make sense to me.

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I think you should make a new album, just like in Almost Alice, the album it has a compilation of many artists. Just do that.

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I have a “Random” section in my iTunes. The artist is “Random,” and the album is “Random—[genre].” I slip the real artist in the info somewhere. I hate having a messy iTunes and this keeps things clean.

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I have a category called “one-hit wonders”

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“Miscellaneous” works.

Not to be confused with “Miscellaneous Works”.

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