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On Fluther, Can You Say , SHUT UP! To Somebody and Not Have it Removed?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 10th, 2010

Let’s say you’re answering someone on here and you are so frustrated at them you say OH, SHUT UP! Will the mods remove the post definitely or just possibly? How about , “Shut Up, Stupid! Will that be removed? heehee

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I don’t know, but when I want to shut somebody up I find that the most effective way is to navigate away from the page they’re on, leaving them fuming silently in the irretrievable oblivion behind me.

When somebody exceeds my irritation threshold, I may never read or answer that person’s posts again, even if they address me directly, and will not answer or even read the person’s questions. That’s how I effect a “shut up” maneuver without uttering a word.

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I would hope one would be a bit more mature than that and simply drop out of the thread.

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Try it; then we’ll all know.

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@Austinlad I’m immature and happy about it !

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It depends upon how you sneak it in.


For example.

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Maybe/maybe not. Depends on the tone I suppose as I’ve seen some stay and some go.

Now a good ‘shut up you stupid flying fuck ass shit for brains- oh and you smell and I’m not the only one who thinks so’ usually gets a good erasure.

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I’d PM them the “You suck, and here are all the reasons why” letter, personally.

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No offense but you have no right to tell others to shut up. It’s their right,you need to respect that or you can just ignore it if you don’t like.

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I think that might be considered flaming, since this is a site where we voice opinions and have discussions. Shutting up really isn’t part of the scheme, and even if the person is being a flaming jackass or something, I think you’re supposed to use the flag feature.

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Me thinks that doctors, real or pretend, need to practice what they preach. Or, do they need to be those exact words, “Shut Up”.

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I don’t tell people in real life to shut up or call them stupid, why would I want to do that on here? I may think it, I may find another way to say it…but eventually I just leave the thread if I find someone to be so obtuse or irritating that they are causing an undesirable reaction in me.

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@PandoraBoxx Agree. I don’t call others ‘stupid’ or tell them to ‘shut up’...but, I am guilty of hanging around a thread past my happy time.

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[mod says] It depends on the context. If it’s part and parcel of a personal attack, it will be moderated. If it’s a joke between friends in the Social Section, it will stay. When it’s a grey area, mods will discuss it and come to a consensus about it.

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If I believe the person in question might be responsive to honest, non-abusive feedback, I would PM them explaining why their conduct is offensive or irritating. If they show no interest in improving their conduct, I would keep an eye on their conduct until I could make a case to the moderators that their conduct is deleterious to the quality of discussions here on fluther.

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I told someone to f-u-c-k off once, but it got moderated :/

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@FutureMemory lmao…......there is a time and place for everything!

Answering the question: It is situational…depends! But, having said that, i had rather discuss it on a civil level. If the other person wants to be a “horse’s ass,” that would be their problem. I do my best not to get “in the gutter” with them. Besides, the best defense is being nice to mean-spirited people. they hate it!

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<——- New avatar in honor of the event described above. I love how someone gave me a GA before it got moderated.

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@FutureMemory It might have even been a mod! We do that sometimes. Shhh

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Oh…will you all just Shut the Fluther Up!!

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going back to a tamer avatar heh.

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STFU!! Use letter acronyms….they can be more effective at times!!

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