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What do married couples do when the kids are out the house?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) July 10th, 2010

yeah, you’re MWC (married with children), but there are certain slivers of time, whether it is a 1-hour window or even a whole night, when all the kids are out the house.

for MWCs, this opportunity is a cash cow of time for, well, whatever. how do you take advantage of it? do you do something or nothing at all?

ever had one of these “free times” and its just your luck that the spouse is mad at you anyway? ok—no chicka chicka bown bown tonight?

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Well, I know what I used to do when I was married and my daughter was out of the house.

Make whoopie on the kitchen table, the stairs, the balcony, the bathroom floor, the dog house, the roof, the garage, the boat, the chicken coop…..lolol

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Our children are all grown and on their own. We enjoy our life together and each other as much as we can.

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@Coloma would you believe clean out the garage and throw away headless action figures?

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True story…once, in a moment of garage passion ( my ex had a trick garage ) one of our daughters packed away old toys started ‘talking’...Peet the repeat parrot must have absorbed some shelf shock and all of a sudden our noisy musings were being parroted back to us!

OMG..I thought I’d finally lost it til we figured out the mystery! hahaha

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We enjoy the quiet time. We’ll either curl up and watch a movie together or have a nice dinner. Of course there is the sex too.

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Have sex.

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Walk around in our underwear. We have to get dressed when my 29 year old comes home from work.
Come on . Move out already! Even the First time home buyer stimulus package didn’t get him moving. Geez.

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I read. It is the only time I can without being interrupted.

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I clean (lame!), sleep or indulge in whatever pleasures I can in the allotted time.

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When the children were smaller any small sliver of time was filled with sleep. Now that they are older it’s sex obviously. Not having to worry about being too loud or if the door is locked is a big bonus. There is no aphrodisiac like an empty house. ;)

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We do the same ting whether our kids are in or out the house. Mostly because our kids are our kitties. :D

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We play checkers.

If you believe this, i have some stock in the Golden Gate Bridge, i would like to discuss with you.

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They get piece of mind. Or you know…what @wilma said… or clean or read

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Enjoy having more time on Fluther.

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