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Therapists crossing boundaries?

Asked by stardust (10552points) July 10th, 2010

Has anyone had experience where their therapist has crossed a boundary, which resulted in you losing respect for them and thus not benefitting from the relationship? and perhaps, having to terminate your contract?
It could be anything, from the professional openly judging you on something you did in your past, etc,

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Building a good therapeutic relationship is hard work and may take a long time for clients with a lifetime of experiences that have taught then it is not safe to share personal information or to trust the motives of others.

Therapists must never go further than their client is ready to go. (in terms of what can be discussed)

There are therapists who have made serious mistakes unintentionally. There are some that violate professional ethics by getting emotionally or physically involved with their clients. The latter must be weeded out from the profession.

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I have stopped seeing a few therapists because they insisted on trying to make me find god, as if that will solve everything. Even when I insisted I will never be a believer and that he/she should try another approach, they persisted. Ugh. The last thing I need is a therapist trying to convert me.

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I left the therapist because of picking the lettuce out of the shoe. Obviously, he was not stayin with me.

I switched to a man who doesnt do insurance, but he’s a deep spiritual good man, who I feel is on my side with no judgments. He knows the inner me that I wont share with anyone else.
I cant afford him much, but I think he has given me steps to help understand. He climbed the highest mountain in Africa and brought me back a stone. :)

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I heard a whopper involving a friends of friends couple. The wife sent the husband to the therapist to deal with crazy work stress. I think along the way the therapist started seeing the wife separately. Then he started doing the wife. Then he started prescribing stuff for the husband to induce craziness in the husband. Then the husband found out about the affair, totally cracked and they got divorced. I’m not sure what became of the therapist.

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I left a psychiatrist who used to fall asleep during our sessions. That was fucking crazy.

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A psychologist who try to brainwash me when I was a kid only find himself with no result. I’m so rational and independent that no one can try to manipulate me. Four session,and he gave up.

I have no respect for psychologist anymore(they always try to put one to follow society’s way/rule). I study psychology for manipulation(I won’t use positive definition in this case).

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Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the theraputic barrel.

I have nothing but great things to say about the year I spent in post divorce counseling and a great hypnotherapist/PhD I see from time to time for positive reinforcements.

I have no chronic, longstanding mental health issues, just run o’ the mill life bumps. lol

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No, really.
You should stop smoking!

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What are you talking about?

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@Coloma Have you seen her avatar?

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Aaah well..she’s a beauty, a cigarette doesn’t change that. ;-)

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I had a therapist fall asleep on me during a session. I woke her up, let he know how I felt about it in the moment, walked out and not only looked for another one pronto, but also made sure she wasn’t paid for that session. I mean, really. Services were so not rendered.

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Some people see someone they want and they go for it. Yes I know first hand of an affair between therapist and client. And of two doctors and patients affairs. Lines get crossed and people do stupid ( or exciting) things. The important thing to remember is when you want professional service be clear about the service you want and expect. Yes I also mean that pun as well. A person should have personal respect for themself and realize that an authority figure who uses them or does not do their job should be dismissed…I had a doctor who asked me about my opinions as a teacher at length in order to help his daughter and then charged me for the time !

You are paying for a specific product and our soul and identity are a precious possession not to be abused.

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I had a therapist tell some people in my life what was going on with me in a major violation of doctor-patient confidentiality. When I confronted him about it, he got really defensive and said that it was better that he tell the people close to me (or, as I see it, the people who could actually use the info) than some bum on the street, and then he fired me as a patient. I was really really ok with never seeing him again.

Several years later, I had another therapist violate HIPAA and tell my mother what was going on with me. She moved to another state the next month, so I decided it probably wasn’t worth my time to sue her.

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I was sitting in a therapist’s office when her buzzer went. There was some shuffling here and there and she came back in and asked me to leave so she could she the person who came to the door, as they were “more distressed” than me. There was more incidents with this woman. I eventually moved on! What a waste of my hard earned money. Fortunately, I’ve met a couple of wonderful people in this profession since, so I haven’t been put off. There are some absolute idiots roaming around though – that much I know!

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