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What do I do if I bought something online and the company won't respond?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) July 10th, 2010

I bought a knife over 2 weeks ago. The site says 7–10 business days…I called when it’s been a week and left a message. The site says they’ll respond within 24/7 email/calls. No message after 1 week. 2nd week, left another call…and a email. Still no answer!

I’m getting angry, maybe I’ve been ripped off. It’s almost 3 weeks now.

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List the name of the company here so we don’t make the same mistake. We’ll spread the word for you.
But if they do respond you have to let us know.

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If you used a credit card in the US, you can initiate a chargeback.

Explain the situation to your credit card company, they will give you instructions to document the problem and they will return your money if they agree with you.

I have done this four times and was successful four times.

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Thank god, I did use credit. I spent $135. Stupid company!!!

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Stalk ‘em
Their Web Site Designer seems to have posted on a number of knife forums. Perhaps he’s the owner?

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I just did a couple of searches, and I can’t find a single review – good or bad – about them.

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@chelle21689 You mention eBay in your Topics list. Did you buy through eBay? If so, then contact them for assistance before you go the charge-back route. It is possible somebody simply slipped up and their email filters ate any email you sent them, or your voice mail was missed. If that fails (I wouldn’t anticipate eBay ignoring you), then post your grievances on the same forums they do. After all, they’re using these forums to get business. They would not welcome your complaint(s) there.

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Ugh, what a helpless feeling when something like that happens. All really good suggestions above. Another reason why Fluther is so awesome! I’ve checked the Better Business Bureau’s website several times about places. It may be a good idea to check there for info AND make sure to document it with them when and if it’s resolved! Oh, and google ripoff report! Good luck!!!

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Well you asked what you can do so there are two options I can think of. I do not know where you live but you can contact your state attorney general (they usually have a consumer rights/protection division that specifically deals with these types of cases) or the BBB (better business bureau) the latter route may take longer however. It is not a fast process either way you go (been there) but its something. Always make sure you save your billing/purchase statements when you order anything online (they usually send this to your email address).

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dispute the charge with your credit card company.
They give you a conditional credit, and give the merchant a chance to respond.
If you dont get your merch, you win, 99.9% of the time.

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Let me get this straight. You have a problem with an order from Knifetrek does not contact you. You left many message with Knifetrek but they did not respond.

@Seek_Kolinahr There. Now if someone does a search “Knifetrek near problem” it will pop up.
Let’s hope they respond quickly. Any good company will have a google alert on itself. (I have one on me.)
@chelle21689 make sure you let us know if they respond so we can delete this ASAP. PM me as a reminder.

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To Mods, a side point: @kikibirdjones “Oh, and google ripoff report! Good luck!!!” SOUNDS good, but they themselves may not be so. Research Ed Magedson and Off Report. Magedson seems to be the owner of, but he has an interesting history. You decide if he’s right for recommendations or not.

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Oooo, thanks for the info @Andreas. I didn’t think to research such a site!

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