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What does the voice of God sound like?

Asked by LostInParadise (25508points) July 11th, 2010

It does not matter if you believe or not. You have been hired to produce a biblical movie in which God speaks, perhaps a story of Adam and Eve or of Moses. How would you want God to sound? Would it be like the voice in the movie the Ten Commandments, very stern and authoritarian? Would it be like Darth Vader or Richard Burton or some political figure? Maybe you imagine a feminine or androgynous voice. I would go with something like Franklin Roosevelt.

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I’d go with James Earl Jones. His voice has such gravitas.

Ask Glenn Beck, apparently he regularly receives information direct from Head Office!

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A queef.

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John Huston

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@Dr_Lawrence LMAO. I thought the same thing. When the man talks people listen like it was gospel. If I were God, I would pick James Earl Jones voice. He would get everyones attention.

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Whatever sound covalent bonds make.

That, or Morgan Freeman.

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Synthetic robotic monotone with the occasional distortion.
Or maybe the voice of Thor from Stargate SG1. I would also hire Micheal Shankts to do the voice.
The entire movie would be a science fiction movie anyway, doing away with all that superstitious nonsense.

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Stephen Fry.

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James Mason, as per all Eddie Izzard stand-up.

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hmm lots of beeps ^_^

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Don’t know, but hope to find out some day!

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Here is something you all might want to consider. I read somewhere that those in authority tend to speak softly. It makes sense. Their authority alone is sufficient to get people’s attention and by speaking softly, they force people to really focus on what they are saying. Imagine Moses seeing a burning bush not being consumed by the fire. There was no problem getting his attention. He is going to notice even the softest voice coming from that bush.

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Harpo Marx. honk honk!! Silence is golden.

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Barry White. Everyone listens when he speaks.

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The closest I’ve heard was the sound of an artillery shell exploding 10 feet away from me. The most god(ess) like human voice I’ve heard is that of my late wife.

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A good Hitler voice imitator.

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Very softly, inside each of us.

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A quiet, still voice. Not deep sounding but with the age of a petrified redwood or canyon walls; something still changing and moving while being ancient beyond our words.

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After @melty‘s answer, now I’m imagining it like the adults’ voices in Peanuts cartoons.

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It might be very intellectual and straightforward like “Data” from Star Trek – The Next Generation.

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I would like to think that the voice of God really is Alan Rickman.

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Elmer Fudd
Woody Allen
The late Don LaFontaine – of course

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George Burns

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On the original Star Trek, the guy who played Scotty did the voice for the father of Tralane. I thought that sounded like how I imagine God sounding.

Did you know Abe Lincoln had a high voice? He is always portrayed with a low, grieving voice, but commentators at the time said his voice was quite high.

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It sounds like the guy who stocks the vegetables at my grocery store. In fact that man is God, I’m not even religious and I know it’s him.

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Bob Sheppard

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your mother

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Harvey Fierstein.

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Pee-Wee Herman. Or Alanis Morissette.

But, really, I think it would be a non-voice. You wouldn’t hear anything, even in your head, but you would know what was said.

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@worriedguy When you said Barry White the first thing I thought of was a bearded dude in a white tunic singing the first few lines of my favorite BW song, Love Seranade:

Take it off, baby, take it all off
I wanna see you the way you came into the world
I don’t wanna feel no clothes, I don’t wanna see no panties
And take off that brassiere, my dear, everybody’s gone
I’m taking the receiver off the phone because baby you and me
This night we’re gonna get it on to love serenade

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Probably like Gilbert Gottfried.

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@Dr_Lawrence and I think alike!

Definitely James Earl Jones. Maybe with a little Patrick Stewart in there for flavor.

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The Queen lol. “Now up to the heavens you shall go!”

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Traditionally, it has been Charleton Heston.

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The universe is a giant computer. I believe in divine authorship of the program running the universe.

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@mattbrowne then the answer is 101010, which of course is 42.

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