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Refurbished hard drive camcorder?

Asked by iwannamakemovies (233points) July 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I want to get the Canon HG20, but it’s too expensive new. Would being refurbished make anything about it worse?

(video quality, would it ‘skip’, any broken inputs, slower LCD, recording problems, etc.)

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if it is a “factory” re-manufactured, it will be good as new.

When the factory does it, they have to pass the same quality standards as the new ones, there may be a blemish or two, but it will work like a new one.

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I agree with DrBill above. However, i would caution purchasing refurbished or even Factory re-manufactured anythings, particularly electronics. I’m not at all saying don’t get it because it’s refurbished, but there are certain risks that you need to understand that are being taken when you purchase such an item. I’ve gotten refurbished products direct from the mother companies and some are doing quite well, whereas another bit the dust on me. You always risk problems with anything that isn’t new.
Another thing to consider is what is the warranty for the product if new, and what is it for the refurbished. Most times the factory warranty for a new product will be significantly longer than for refurbished. I mean difference like 90 days for the refurbished and 1 year for the new or longer. The warranty is the companies obligation for any problems with the product during that time period. If the warranty for the product is low (30 or 90 days) well there isn’t much that happens to any product within the first 30 or 90 days even if you buy something off a friend.
Refurbished can be great, but it can also mean that you might have to buy a new one if something is wrong with the refurbished. I’ll give examples: I bought my MacBookPro 17” screen from the apple website as refurbished, i to this day have not had any problems with it and I’ve had it for 2½ years. However i bought a Lacie hard drive refurbished and it bit the dust in 30 days just after the warranty ran out. I bought my video camera new it has lasted 5 years and counting with no problems whatsoever.
Last point, i would recommend, if possible, to get your Canon Vixia HG20 new. I’ve used the vixia series before shooting a documentary, and they aren’t the most durable things. I would hesitate to get it refurbished for reasons that you aren’t sure of what it has been through before you got it. But that’s just personal opinion.

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