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Where is my "Skipper" badge?

Asked by keobooks (14293points) July 11th, 2010

I just got over 1k lurve, and no “Skipper”. Does it take a while to catch up or something?

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Yep, it might take a little while, but you’ll get it.

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Right in your profile.

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I’m so impatient hehe. It must have JUST gone to my profile.I checked it a few times for a few hours and it wasn’t there.

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Thank you!

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Pinned to your Thirstin Howell the 3rd ascot, lovey.

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You got your first lurve milestone! Oh, we’ve got ya’ hooked now. :D

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I’ve been over 1000 for about a week, and I still haven’t got it. Even stranger, I received a Perfecto-Fish during that time.

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@submariner Awards are being wonky at the moment. We’re working on fixing the glitch.

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