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Is the Federal Immigration Law Enforcement Problem Political?

Asked by ItsAHabit (2297points) July 11th, 2010

Both Republican and Democratic administrations have failed to enforce federal immigration laws. Is there any reason other than politics? If so, what do you think (or they) might be?

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Business owns politicians of all stripes. And as long as business wants to hire immigrants for cheap labor, I’m guessing they’re going to get to do so.

“The economy in the American Southwest was demanding half a million to a million workers… Setting a cap of 30,000 for Mexico encouraged more illegal immigration.” Source

One wonders why the border fence was left uncompleted in AZ. Is it because CA and TX have too many voters for that to ever work? At any rate, American businesses have been known to advertise south of the border for labor. We can’t be having good enforcement when that’s not what business really wants.

This is a site that purports to list the companies that employ illegals. I haven’t really looked too deeply into who’s running it, so it might be right-wing propaganda, but it may help you decide what companies to avoid if you want to indirectly affect how many people come over the border.

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Americans largely support undocumented immigration.

And by “support” I don’t mean voting or attending rallies or whatever.

I mean hiring undocumented workers.

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EVERYTHING coming out of Washington is political! Most of our Senators and Representatives and Executive Branch people would rather play politics than save the Nation!

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But @CaptainHarley – anything that would actually save the nation is far too radical for people to accept, and it would mean they don’t get re-elected. By definition, any people with their head on completely straight would only last one term, if that.

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It is all about money and votes. Of course it is political.

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I agree with everything said above, but my mind always goes a little further and wonders about things like if there were no migrant workers to pick the lettuce, who would do it? When we were kids we picked seasonal veggies and fruit and it was damned hard work, I don’t think the kids of today would do it. And if it was done by unionized adult Americans (or Canadians or whomever) would the average citizen be able to afford to buy it? The costs would rise unbelievably. I know several families who have fruit orchards and they do annually hire illegals to pick. They would hire Americans if they could, but no one wants the job. And what is a miserly sum to most Americans (& Canadians) is a windfall to these folks so is it a bad thing. I am the first to admit, I don’t want to see the price of food go sky high.

Now I know there are implications way beyond what I have mentioned, but there is not really a simple answer and saying ohhhhhh bad politicians or republicans doesn’t really address the entire situation.

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Politics plain and simple. So what does that tell you about your elected officials, regardless of party?

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@rooeytoo has it. Aye, there’s the rub.

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I had a great answer all ready to go, but @laureth already gave it right at the top of the list.

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Right you are. Now… what do we do about it??

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Vote out the bastards who don’t have the backbone to do what’s right for the country rather than for their lust to obtain or hold on to power?

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