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What Are the Four Main Sources of Laughter for You?

Asked by Aster (19114points) July 11th, 2010

Is it a pet , a tv show, a flutherer, an s/o , a comedian? What four things/persons/entities make you laugh the most?
Mine are our dogs, Fluther answers, a friend and my Own remarks!

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My 6 and 9 year old grandkids, the chickens, the kids pony, my husband and I bantering.

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People falling, pranks etc. Comedians, political humor, and other peoples drama/stupidity.

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My son and his friends, my husband, my best friend, and my school (because I would cry if I didn’t laugh at the program I’m in).

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My pets, other people and their behaviors, inanity, just plain silliness.

Never trust those lacking a sense of humor, especially if they don’t like cats too! ;-)

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@MaryW I cannot wait to hear how chickens make you laugh!

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Oh..and first and foremost of all…laughing at myself!

Had a rare tantrum moment the other day, not feeling well doing my major watering chores, and my hose kept kinking up every 5 feet.

Swung it at the fence in the corral and jammed the attachment…so now, it kinks and sprays me in the face!

Perfect irony! lololol

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Wow. This question is much harder than it should be.

What makes me laugh?

Absurdity, for one.
Also, irony, like @Coloma said.
Humor derived from surrealistic situations (I guess this could fall under both irony and absurdity at times)

And shit jokes.

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Time spend with my wife is full of laughter.
The dogs are so often a source of laughter.
The inanity of life as filtered through the reality of US politics.

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Chickens are a riot.

I used to play tag foot ( chicken ) ball with my hens.

Toss a piece of bread on the far side of the yard and watch them tackle each other down the stretch, slamming each other out of the way.

Gooooooo team!

It was also great fun to chase them with the remote controlled car when my daughter was small. lol

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Many, many people and things. The ones that consistently make me laugh until I cry are:

1.) My fiancé, bar none.
2.) My sister, who always points her use of humor at herself. (Ex. A call to her one sweltering summer morning…Me: “What are you doing?” Sister: “Oh, just lying here in bed watching the sweat pool in my bellybutton.”)
3.) Two co-workers who had a similar sense of humor to mine. I learned to tuck a tissue in a pocket before heading to a staff meeting.
4.) Several comedians that keep it clean or at least PG-rated. Bill Cosby is probably the favorite, and I’d never pass up a chance to see Dame Edna.

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Absurdity, Irony, Myself & Friends. It’s hard to pick just four. I laugh a lot.

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The human condition whatever that is;)

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1. Comic commentators John Stewart, Bill Maher and Lewis Black (they also makes me think)
2. A good New Yorker cartoon
3. W.C. Fields in “It’s a Gift”
4. Seth Rogen

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Ummm…..i’ll have to think on this one.
The first one that came to mind was kittens and cats. My own and any other that gets up to funny antics.
The second….some comedy movies? I dunno how to elaborate on this one. I’ll group into this one other funny tv shows as well, things like WipeOut – some people just know how to fall funny, hehe.
The third, i suppose, are certain people, who just have a knack for being funny in everyday ordinary conversation. I can’t name only one person here.
I’m not sure what the last one could be…maybe fart jokes? An (in)appropriately placed burp or fart is funny to me.
Wait, another one is reminscing about things me and my friends or sister used to do back in our childhood. That’s had me laughing till i cry too.

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1. Watching my animals do silly things. The goat kids play king-of-the-castle with anything they can stand on. The little lambs play with each other. And it is very cute when the ducklings all run in a row, especially when the stragglers look up and run fast to catch up.
2. Hearing stories told by my friends.
3. George Carlin
4. Some TV shows, like 30 Rock and Modern Family.

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1. Watching stupid people do things
2. Inside jokes
2. Irony
3. Soap Operas

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Classic irony.

Last winter I just left my mechanic after an oil change and safety check…all good.

On the way home in the driving rain my windshield wiper flies off.

Puttered home like a 90 yr. old. lol

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People’s reactions to controversy, dead baby jokes, Cyanide and Happiness and my two cats.

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@Symbeline Speed racist and the man who could sit anywhere cracked me up.

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1. My son (he should be a stand-up comic)
2. My father-in-law (he sings me Johnny Cash songs that I can’t stand)
3. Husband’s friend that sends at least six crazy cartoon emails a day to me
4. Three of our employees that constantly barrage me with crazy notes or drawings
on their timecards, having races with the equipment (safely), and making insane
“announcements” over the company radio

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Our cats, my daughter’s blog about my grandkids (, Maxine cartoons, chipmunks (the real ones, not the cartoons).

I just realized – I’m happy most of the time, but I don’t really laugh a lot. Hmm.

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@Aster Curious as to what made you think of the number 4, and what are yours? GQ.

My daughter, when she’s on a roll, starts acting clownish. She reminds me of this comedian (comedienne? comic? stewardess? What’s PC nowadays?~) I saw once on TV – she’s beautiful – and then she opens her mouth and Richard Prior takes over her soul. I’m exaggerating, of course, but it’s always funny when a petite, unassuming beautiful blonde starts making jokes, swearing and doing impressions. She does all kinds of accents and skitskits to crack us up.

I think Robin Williams’ Broadway show was amazingly funny. I’ve watched it several times. I like seeing full length shows like that – especially live. Corky and Juice pigs were amazing live (and they sing great too) as was Damon Wayans and Woody Allen (yup).

I can laugh aloud when reading a funny story or article.

Jellies posts’ have made me laugh out loud at times. And when I write LOL here, I mean it.

Great Question. Please answer.

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