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Where can I find biodegradable car wash soap?

Asked by sarahsugs (2906points) February 25th, 2007
Or can you recommend any brands?
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I did some research on this a while ago and I was surprised to find that biodegradable soaps can be poisonous to crabs, oysters, and rockfish, damaging gills and depleting the water of oxygen. If you wash your car on the side of the road the storm drains will often carry all the soap from your car (and the oil and dirt) the nearest stream with no pollutant removal. Therefore, I started taking my car to the carwash where all the water is managed and treated properly. If you can't take the car to the car wash try spraying the soapy water on a grass or gravel surface so it has some time to filter before it reaches a storm drain.
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Thanks. Is there anything that IS safe to use if I'm going to wash my car at home instead of taking it to the car wash? I assume using biodegradable soap is better than nonbiodegradable?
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I would think Dr Bronner's soap would work. You can use it for just about anything else.

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shaklee products are some of the least poisonous out there. the "h2" is a concentrated cleaner that you dilute based on what you are washing

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There's this new product out now, called Spongetech. It's a specially designed sponge which contains the car wash and wax, until it is activated by a combination of adding water and then repeatedly squeezing the sponge to activate the wash and wax. The economic part of it, is that it's good for up to 8 car washes. It had a full page cover in 944 Magazine and was recently voted one of the seven best new products at the Automotive After Market Products Expo in Las Vegas. There doesn't seem to be a list of the car wash' ingredients, which is irritating, but the wax at least is Caranuba wax.

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I agree Dr. Bronners soap would work on anything and it’s all natural.

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I used to use Bronner’s soap to wash my hair. It left a film on my hair, but maybe it would not leave a film on the paint job of a car. Good luck.

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