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Do you have to go back to the town you were born in to obtain your birth certificate?

Asked by Chrissi85 (1070points) July 11th, 2010

This is a UK question. If you want to get a new copy of your birth certificate do you really have to go to the Town Hall in the place you were born? Or is it possible to contact them and get one sent out. It’s not really possible for the person in question to get back to where they were born, due to distance and financial issues.

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In the USA you go your birth state.

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When I lived in California and needed my Virginia Birth Certificate for a passport I didn’t have to return to Virginia. At the request of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Virginia sent me a certified copy for passport purposes. Most states will not let anyone have their original birth certificate. It is always kept in the Hall of Records for safe keeping. They send out certified copies, embossed with the state seal.

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Ah so maybe over here there is a way to get it sent out as well. I will have to try and look into it. Yeah I know you only get copies =)

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@ETpro he has it right….

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I was able to pick my nephew’s up as he was born here but moved to another state. All I needed was his name and birthdate. No other questions asked, which made me think that it would be very easy to steal someone’s identity. But it was an embossed copy, not the original.
Edit to add: But my answer is for the US, I don’t know in the UK. Sorry.

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This a question for those born in the UK, not in the USA.

@Chrissi85 I bet you can find the answer on the internet or by checking with a local hospital.

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He’s not in the U.S. He’s in the U.K.

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So he is. I read right over that without seeing what I was reading.

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Hehe yes… She is in the UK, and yeah I checked on the internet but mostly I got confusing American websites, and my internet connection is super slow so government websites don’t tend to work so well. I will try and get the Town Hall here to tell me.. but there is a 3 hour waiting list even to ask a question!

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