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Have You or Do You Know Someone Who Has Walked in a Crop Circle?

Asked by Aster (19301points) July 11th, 2010

I don’t expect many replies but I’ve heard people say who have walked inside a crop circle that they feel things. Maybe similar to the feelings some get on a hill in Scottsdale , Arizona. Do you know anything about this phenomenon?

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@Aster I’ve never walked in a Crop Circle yet. I’ve gotten lost in a maze with my grandchildren! loll That was fun!

I grew up on a farm and have done it all…busted land, disk land, cultivated land, poisoned cotton, picked cotton, hoe cotton, milked cows, etc…. It was fun, but knew that was not my calling in life.

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@BoBo1946 busted and disk land. wat?
I’ve never milked a cow. I think I’d like to try that.

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loll..yeah, i did it all..and with mules, not a tractor! Dad put me in the field when i was 8 years old. I was very big for my age…and he put me to work early!

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what is disk land? You said “I disk land.”
My ggrandfather had a mule; I have the photo. But I don’t know what he used it for.

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that sort of looks like a mower. You mean you aerated the soil with that?

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after you bust up the land, the disk pulverizes the dirt into smaller more management pieces before planting.

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Silly me; I’d probably call that aeration but it isn’t, really. Regardless, you’re well-versed in gardening and that should prove useful. (-;

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