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Do you know any great blogs?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) July 11th, 2010

I have to find a blog and do a review of it for a class. I follow a couple but wanted to find a new one for this assignment. It there a blog you love and would like to share?

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Hyperbole and a Half. I laugh like a hyena every time I read it.

jrpowell's avatar is probably the most interesting thing that could be considered a blog. You could write forever about it. And they have a wiki that would make writing about it pretty simple.

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Path to Freedom the urban homestead is a really interesting blog. It documents a family from California who produce tons and tons of food on their regular city property. I think their site would make a great class project, as it’s something not a lot of people do, they put tons of photos online and probably will let you use them if you ask, and being green is a popular subject right now too. Good luck on your project regardless of what site you choose :)

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@papayalily That’s one of my favorite blogs too. Hubbs and my favorite line : we thought he was vomiting blood- turns out it was just craisins.

Hyperbole and a half gets my vote as well.

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@papayalily That is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite blogs. I love it!

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Not going to go all self promoting and say mine.

I really like Lifehacker, though. It’s pretty commercial, and maybe not what you’re looking for, but it has some excellent articles. I also really like Videogum and Stereogum for pretentious movie stuff and indie music. Videogum in particular can also be really funny sometimes.

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@dverheyDouble Rainbow – All The Way is frickin’ epic! Many thanks.

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@ipso Probably my favorite part of that site is the commenters and comments. Freakin’ priceless.

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I’m a particular fan of this one but that’s because it’s about my grandson’s babyhood in Paris. I imagine you’re looking for more professional ones.

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@janbb:Merlin’s a cutie also.

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