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How many posts must a man write down (in General) before you can hijack a thread?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 11th, 2010

Sung to the tune of How many roads…

Hijack may be harsh – how about go wildly off-topic?

How many posts in a row is called a hijack – 3,5,7?

How many private chats in a thread is too much?

Are General and Social really that different (for you) here – or do you feel that after x amount of posts, one can go into jelly-talk?

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The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

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Once the question has been adequately answered (after however many posts), I’ll feel comfortable to go off topic or break out the snark.

I usually do it in whisper mode though.

And I pretty much pay no nevermind to what section it’s in.

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I do try to respect “General” – I really do try! (Last night was an exception as previously apologized for.)

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Because I’m an expert.

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@janbb I know.

@dpworkin Don’t you just love that song?! Which version – or the original? I like PP&M/Joan Baez.

Edit: @wundaloon (sorry couldn’t resist you know I lurve you!) You are an expert – and always thinking outside the box.

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@zenele Box? What box? I don’t see any box.

Seriously, dude. Wundaloon? That is so yesterday. Like, get over it. I mean, Zen? Zen Again? Zenele? Show some creativity, sometime. Put some thought into it. Stir up the old gray matter. I mean, what would Picard do? (Parenthetically speaking, I like Kirk better, anyway). (You know I lurve you, too, right)?

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I lurve you buddy – did you mean that I should leave and come back with a diffferent name completely and have the jellies try to guess if it’s me? A completely different name change – like from daloon to wundayatta? Hmmm. I guess I could be NevaSayNeva-TryToBeCleva. Oh I know: could I be your sidekick? Like Wunweekatta? Or TAFKAZen? Or maybe Wundayatta’s_groupie?

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I ask all my questions in the social section. I don’t really like the restraints of the general section but those are the rules. People don’t seem to or don’t seem to want to get it. The guidelines for the general section are clearly noted as being more strict. I like people, including myself, to have more freedom to have fun and chat and go off topic, that’s why I ask only in the social section, though one time I did have to gently remind people on the thread that I actually did want an an answer to my question; they had just gone off on their own merry ways…

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@zenele Promise me you’ll remember one thing. There is no box.

Whenever you have issues like this—naming yourself and whatnot—just say, over and over, “there is no box.” I guarantee you that inspiration will strike in, what was it you said… ah yes… 6 repetitions! Oh yeah—and I’m so not off topic, that if you shot me in the eye, you’d still hit the bullseye! So nyeh! No wait. Does that mean I’m a bull?

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If there are three statements written one after another as separate comments but should be in one, I’ll let them know.

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^ Me too.

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It’s soooooooooo annoying when they do that!

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@zenele You’re really all over the place today. Fluther is your oyster!

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I am a jelly after all. And the meds kicked in just in time for some fluthering ~ But they killed the bob sandwich question. That’s when I know it’s time to shut the fuck up. And I mean you, zenele or new_zen or whoever you are. ~

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@zenele yeah, it was fluff.

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Good Fluff

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And the answer was C. Pastrami. Ask him. I’ve made him so many… and when I tried to change it up – he insisted on smoked meat. He likes his meat.

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Marshmallow fluff?

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@zenele He likes his meat. What men dont??

and btw, the answer is 17.
anything less is a momentary lapse of reason.

sorry, I was being naughty the other night too. :(

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If it’s in the General Section, any off-topic posts should be flagged, and will be removed (um, eventually), no matter if it’s the first or the tenth.

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First chance you get.

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More than three someone is boarding the vessel with swords drawn.

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* lick * – One, * lick * – Two, * crunch* – Three.

Three posts.

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