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If you only had 24 hour's to live, what would you do.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

if you only had 24 hour’s to live, what would you do.

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Turn off the lights.

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I’d probably be Fluthering…

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Perhaps this type of question would be better suited to a forum than Fluther. Check out and similar web sites.

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Hmm. Do people give other people crap about their questions on that website?

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Only if your name’s Steve, and you ware shades!! Sorry isteve I don’t know.

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Giving crap? I don’t really understand what you mean, and perhaps you assumed my response to be hostile (and it was not). This is less of a question, and more of a discussion. I’m not dismissing it as “shouldn’t be on here”, but the nature of a forum means that the discussion is likely to be more enjoyable than the simple question/answer nature of Fluther.

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If you would like an invite for Yay Hooray! let me know your email via message and I can send you one.

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That’s better gentleman play nicely.

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I would probably spend the beginning of the day with my friends. Then towards the end be with my family and spend my last few hours with my mom. And then when the time came I would lay in her lap and just close my eyes. BUT thats not going to happen, so it doesnt matter. lol.

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Write down all of the ftp usernames and passwords to all of the websites I manage… then post them here.

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My apologies!!! That came off differently than I’d actually intended!!! I said it very lightheartedly, I swear! Sorry!!!

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psh. thats easy
i would go kiss my crush and let him know how i feel. lol
but thats just me :D

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I’d end my life after 23 hours. I’d want some control over when I go. I wouldn’t just wait for it

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id let everyone know exactly what i thought of them. good or bad.. no more holding back for the sake of being polite.

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