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When's the last time you dialed 911?

Asked by Berserker (33509points) July 11th, 2010

What was it for? If you feel like sharing.

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I haven’t, yet. <<knocks on wood/head>>

Now, this song is in my head.

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Friday, November 27, 2009. I was at work during the day and my husband was home with our son (he was 7 at the time). I got home and my husband was home, but our son was at his friend’s house a few houses down. We got ready for dinner and my husband went to get our son. He came back in the house and our son wasn’t with him. I asked if our son was coming and he said “no”. I asked why not and he said that he wasn’t there. It was already pretty dark out. We immediately went outside and looked for him. We knocked on everyone’s door that we knew had children, thinking he had went to one of their houses. We looked all around and several of our neighbors came out to help. After about 15 minutes of not finding him (and me freaking out), I told my husband that I was calling 911 and started walking back to our house. As I was talking to the 911 operator (and crying), my next door neighbor came out and asked if I was ok. When I told her what was going on, she told me that my son was inside her house playing with her son. We hadn’t knocked on their door because they just moved in and we didn’t even know they had a son. The 911 operator still sent an officer to verify that everything was okay. We got inside and I couldn’t let go of my son. I was crying and just so relieved. After I calmed down, we had a long talk with our son about going from one friend’s house to another’s without telling us. We had never talked to him about it before because it never came up before and we never thought about something like that happening. Scariest moment of my life!!

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some random guy at a gas station tried to run me down and stab me.

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To access our paging system at work you’re supposed to dial a symbol and then 9911 but sometimes our staff goof up and call 911 instead. Patiently they call us back and make sure we’ve no real emergency. All the time.

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I was driving north on the Florida turnpike, somewhere around the Atlantic Blvd exit in Broward county and a street light to the west of the turnpike was throwing off sparks.

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By the way that was about 6 or 7 years ago.

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Oh, wait. I just remember I called about 3 years ago. I was at a mall, and a teenage girl got out of a car, not at a corner, the car stopped in the middle of the street on the main road in front of a mall, and she was hysterical crying and screaming. A few of us went to her, I called 911. The other women talked to the girl, seemed in the end she was probably just fighting with her mom in the car. But, still, the mom stopped the car in the middle of a street and let her out. Anyway, I wound up in the end telling the 911 operator things seemed ok, and that we would not need help. The other women who were helping, seemed as though they would make sure she was safe, and so I began to walk back to my car, because I was on my way to my car to leave anyway. Just as I walked away her mom pulled up.

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A worker in my plant detached a few fingers while on the job!

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I did it twice last year.
Last February, I was driving down the street, and saw a house on fire, with a lady and a child standing in front. There was a major language barrier, but I made sure nobody else was in the house.

And last June, I called because my ex boyfriend was threatening to kill me, and the he had nerve enough to lay hands on me, while I was making the report. It didn’t end up very well for him.

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I haven’t, yet.

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About a week or two ago.

My friend and I were in the park having a nice swing when we noticed a 30 something year old woman falling out of one of the swings. I got up and asked her if she needed any medical assistance. Her eyes were bugging out and she was sweating. She said “ohhh… nooo. I’m just…. just resting!” and slumped over. I went back to swinging. About 5 minutes later she fell out of the swing and started crawling towards the walking path. I got up again and stopped her. She said she was “just resting” again and I noticed that her purse was filled with about 20 DVDs that still had the security tags on them. She also had a hospital band on her wrist. A whole bunch of adults gathered around (I know, I’m 20 and technically an adult, but whatever) and starting asking what to do and wringing their hands. Being the hero that I am, I called 911. About 5 minutes later, they showed up and put the chick in the ambulance. The cops eventually showed up too. Turns out she had swallowed a whole bottle full of oxycontin, which was in her purse.

She is ok.

About two weeks before that, I was driving home when I saw a guy beating up a woman on the street. I parked further up the road and called the cops. I found out from my uncle (who works for the city police) later that the guy was an illegal immigrant with a long resume’ of battered women. He got put away and the woman was okay.

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April 4, 2004 when I was injured and disabled in a double rear end collision.

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I never have, nor has anyone in my family. But strangers called on my son’s behalf twice about ten years ago when he was involved in two potentially serious bike accidents.

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About a year ago, my son’s Mother In Law was here and had severe chest pains. She was transported to the local emergency room, and later released.

In my opinion, this woman is a Drama Queen, because she always has some sort of medical emergency, though not always at that level. She receives SSI Disability benefits.

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Well, never 911, i’m not in the US, but the last time i called the police was quite a number of years back, maybe 10? I have no idea actually. Me and family were at home and unbeknownst to us someone broke into my parent’s bedroom while we were all in the kitchen and stole some stuff. While they were busy cleaning out the room, the phone rang and my sister ran to the phone in that bedroom to answer it. That scared them away. Funny thing is she didn’t realize there had just been a robbery, she thought my mum was just cleaning out the cupboards or something, hehe.

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A few years ago when a man walked into my house.

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A few months back.
When living at my parents, there would be a major collision out front the house about once a month. It’s a busy road, but on a curved one follows the speed limit so they all crash into each other. I’d call 911 at the sound of a loud boom and could see the accident from the window.

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I was coming home from work late at night and the the big window in the front of a small business was smashed out and laying all over the sidewalk. I called 911 to let them know, but they already knew.

The funniest time I called 911 was when I had a Pop Tart in the toaster and the Pop Tart caught fire. My first instinct was to grab the phone that was on the wall near the toaster. I dialed 911 and as I was doing that my cousin ran over and unplugged the toaster and the fire went out. I felt really dumb as I was explaining to the operator that everything was ok and the Pop Tart fire was out.

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I was visiting with a couple of members of the organization for which I’m the spokesperson at their home. They’re both heroin, meth, and crack addicts (as are a fair number of our members) and one of them shot up in front of me. He had cooked up a whole fentanyl patch and spiked it into his arm. For those who are unaware, fentanyl is 50–100 times more powerful than heroin, and he had cooked up a whole three-day patch. He collapsed, his breathing became laboured, and his lips turned purple. His girlfriend was totally useless, shaking him until his head rattled and howling “OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD” non-stop. (She was in fact so loud that the paramedic couldn’t hear what I was saying about his condition when the 911 operator patched me through.) I had to call 911 for him. He was very lucky that the paramedic substation was only three blocks from his home. Believe it or not, he checked himself out of hospital two hours later because he said he didn’t want to waste his “buzz” and they’d have negated it completely.

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Maybe 10 years ago.

Was driving home late at night and almoist ran into a huge black cow/bull on one of my country roads.

Called 911 and I waited for an hour flashing cars as a caution until the emergency animal services people showed up.

The cow just stood on the inside of a hairpin curve looking bored. lol

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I dialed 911 accidentally while testing a clients phone system a couple of weeks ago. Not very exciting.

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A couple of years ago I was in a small city in Colorado, and there was a person driving very erratically. He forced me and several other drivers off the street, and almost hit a pedestrian. The response time was less than a minute.

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Two days ago.

Being a caregiver for an aging parent that doesn’t give a shit anymore truly sucks.

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I haven’t called 911, but my cat has.

The apt. rental office called me at work to say that emergency services responded to a call from my apt. and only heard scuffling noises. When they couldn’t get in to my apt. the office let them in. No human was found, but there was the cat, sitting on the desk next to a stack of papers and a phone. Apparently, she had jumped up to look out the window, knocked the receiver off, pressed the programmed emergency button and then walk over the papers.

After I got over the embarrassment, the phone was moved, and Velcro was used to secure the receiver.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Lol that’s messed up.

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@Symbeline I was just thankful that I make my bed every morning.

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@Pied_Pfeffer @Pied_Pfeffer
That is sooo funny!

I have a friend whose cat has learned to use the printer, he is fascinated with pushing the button, they come home to stacks of paper scattered all over. lololol

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About 4 months ago. Thought I was having a heart attack. It turned out to be withdrawal symptoms from abruptly stopping high doses of Valium (no one told me not to).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land General rule, never abruptly stop any psych meds. There probably was a written warning in your med information.

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I called them about 45 days ago when my mom had “fallen and she couldn’t get up.” Turns out she had broken her hip. Then again about 2 weeks ago, when she popped the replacement hip out of the socket.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Did you get billed for a false alarm?

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@Yetanotheruser No bill. And on hindsight, I probably should have sent a huge fruit basket to them.

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Last Friday, 6/15/18, before dawn There was a 12 foot long, 6 inch by 12 inch board on the freeway. Anyone car hit that at highway speed would be seriously damaged.

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