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Single people: Would you be comfortable dating someone of a different race?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19718points) July 12th, 2010

I wonder if things have changed much during my adult lifetime.

Would you be comfortable marrying someone very different in racial origin?

Do you object to being friends with an interracial couple?

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As has been discussed in other questions, there is really no such thing as race. My Native American Great Grandmother married outside of her ethnic group, so it is practically a tradition in our family. My son married a Chinese woman who was the first of any generation to marry outside their ethnic group. All my Grandson’s are half-breeds in the vernacular.

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How is one of mixed race parentage supposed to answer this question?

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Out of the couples I know, the two people facing the most problems are both the same race but different religions- their parents really object to it. Religion and culture are probably a bigger obstacle than race when it comes to dating and marriage. My grandparents are an example from back in the day- they are from neighboring countries, but he’s Muslim and she’s Christian. During their whole married life, they had a hard time agreeing on whose traditions to follow. He didn’t want the family to have Christmas, but she would sneak Christmas presents to the kids. Even nowadays, I briefly dated a guy who said he couldn’t get serious with me because I’m an atheist and he was a Christian- he thought a shared belief in god was very important to a relationship.

As far as race, I’ve dated people from all colors of the rainbow, and I have friends who are in interracial relationships. The only thing that might give me pause is marrying someone from another culture. If you’re just dating, it’s just you and your SO having fun together. If you get married, you really become a part of each other’s lives, and have to find a way to be sensitive to each other’s traditions and strike a compromise. Not everybody is flexible enough to do that.

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Absolutely. I actually have quite a “thing” for girls of various ethnicities.

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I don’t really have any issue with people of other races. I guess that’s one of the downsides with having not grown up in the deep South in the 19th century, oh well.
Race is the least of my concerns when considering a date/mate.

But, white people make up ~60% of the US. So statistically, I’m most likely to date someone within my race. So far my track record is 100% (1/1) white.

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I am second generation Irish here in the USA. My daughters mother is first generation Korean here in the USA.
I’ve had girlfriends in the past from Egypt and Vietnam. I have also dated black women that grew up here in the states.
The hardest relationships I have had that seemed to clash was with the black women. My parents never seemed to mind but I don’t think their parents were very cool with it.
I’ve always kind of found most white women to be a little boring.
I do now date an amazing Irish woman, together we glow in the sun, it’s kind of silly at the beach.

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In principal, i think it wouldn’t be a problem for me. However i’ve never done it and never been attracted in that way to people of another race.

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Of course I know there are no pure races. Socially a dark skinned, individual with full lips and nostrils and tight kinky curls will be viewed as “Black”, African American, or any other respectful term. By contrast, we know what characterizes a person considered “White” in appearance.

I remember the events in the US surrounding integration and the civil rights movement.

I have no racial biases or prejudices that I know of.

My question was meant to exclude interfaith couples as the focus.

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@Dr_Lawrence Ah, an important distinction – my husband and I are a great example of that. His family is Jewish, and mine Mormon. We are neither.

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I have no problem dating other races. My family is convinced I am gay so they are happy as long as my partner has boobs.

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Well I’m currently not single but I find I still appropriate to answer,so…
In fact,if I can choose I will choose partner from different race(especially Caucasian). Since Caucasian offspring are considered as rare and valuable here.
Believe it or not many women here are crazy about Caucasian people(most Caucasian males are seen as ‘handsome’ here),they’re also considered as well to do people.

I will befriend anyone I want without judging their race,etc. In fact,one will feel very proud if others know he/she befriend people from other countries. I like differences,many things can be learned.

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The person has to know how long and how much he/she is going to devoted himself/herself to the other, that’s the bottom line. It’s not two races or nations but two CULTURES, even the modes of thinking. It requires mutual respect and compromise. Love means sacrifice.

BTW, I think dating is okay but marriage should be given more consideration.

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Unfortunately due to past & bitter experience I wouldn’t consider marriage to anyone in future, whatever religion, creed or race , however as far as dating goes there would be no restrictions as far as I’m concerned just so long as there was mutual respect between us for who we are as individuals, any interested parties by the way can contact me through this site, ladies that is ;-) Lol……

You’re very cute! ;-)

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oh thank you I’m still new here may I know how to let the red thing ”@jesienne” appears?thanks.
well, due to my personal experience, I know a few interracial couples who are sweet at the beginning and end up getting divorced. This is just….not that easy….

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If by different race you mean non human then I would only consider an alien race animals are strictly a no go area for me. as for different cultures yeah i don’t see a problem its nothing new

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I’d have no problem whatsoever. A person is a person.

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I have dated (girlfriend for 1.5 years or maybe 2) someone of a different “race,” and I would certainly do so again.

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Race doesn’t matter to me. It’s personality that counts.

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To borrow a line from The Killers, I don’t mind if she don’t mind.

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Has the acceptance of interracial couples changed in the past 50 years? My guess would be ‘yes’. People seem more accepting of it. And I think that today, more people are willing to date someone of a different race, at least in some locations. We tend to date people who have similar interests, ethics, goals, etc., and skin color just doesn’t seem that important any more.

Interestingly, when I lived in Washington DC 30 years ago, I saw many interracial couples. I’ve now lived in Memphis TN for 20 years where the population is ~50 black/50 white. The only interracial couple I’ve seen here relocated from Chicago.

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Absolutely, although am not marriage minded these days.

I have yet to date an Asian man, but, have always been attracted to Chinese & Japanese men.. Oooh..Jackie Chan…

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If it works it works. If it does not it does not.

Race not playing any part of it.

Culture is another story. There could be vast differences that would prevent a solid connection from happening. She might like to eat Century eggs or have a different concept of hygiene. Her type of tradition ritual could be a issue as well.

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My wife (who is totally white) calls my family the rainbow coalition. At one of my family parties one can see white, black, Asian, Latino and mixes and variations of each. Not one of my family members of my generation married someone the of the same race or ethnicity.

I’ve dated men and women from almost every race and culture one can think of. I’ve never even considered someone’s color when choosing whom to date. The whole concept of a racial or cultural divide is foreign (haha) to me.

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Variety is a spice of life.

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It really depends on the guy.

When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on this Egyptian kid. Man, he was dreamy. Too bad he turned out to be a huge jerk. Then there was the Asian kid. Not nearly as dreamy, but he was such a sweetheart… we became good friends until he moved back to Hong Kong. I’ve always thought many Indian men are very attractive.

As long as our personalities are compatible, I’m cool. Admittedly, I did marry a man of Irish decent.

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Although I’m not currently single, I’ve already dated someone from another race and married someone from another race and I had no problems with it in either instance. It felt completely natural to me. I am friends with people who are in interracial relationships and I have no problems with it whatsoever.

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I guess I’m not qualified to answer this question, not being single. But I have to wonder if anyone would admit to race entering into it would be honest about it. Even if some admit to it, how many others do think about it, but won’t say?

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Okay, to be completely honest, @wundayatta – I’ve never been attracted to a black man. Asian, yes. Middle Eastern, yes. Some Pakistani guys are gorgeous Never a black man. I don’t know why.

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@Seek_Kolinahr The fear of not being able to “go back”?

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I’ve often wondered what would happen if two visually impaired people got together – if skin color, good looks, etc, would matter at all to them. I’d love to meet a visually impaired couple, to see how they would describe their connection.

Personally, I am open to connecting with others different than myself. I see no problem with it. However, my parents (who grew in the 40’s and 50’s, got married in the 60’s) have struggled with their offspring breeding with others who were visually different. But, over the years, they’ve mellowed. Call it mellow yellow I suppose.

P.s. I’m in a biracial relationship.

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@whatnot – My uncle is blind. His wife is very pretty, but very obese. They are more than happy together, and have three beautiful kids. Their skin colour is similar, but he is devoutly Jewish, and thus married a devoutly Jewish woman.

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Definitely. I’ve heard some white girls say the same as @Seek_Kolinahr, that they’d be uncomfortable dating a black guy. My roommate last year was pretty racist. She had an aversion to black people and though biracial couples were weird. I also know white girls who prefer black guys, so go figure. I personally think black men can be very attractive. The one race I’ve never found myself attracted to were East Asian guys (although, half-Asians can be quite good looking).

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I am not single but, I am in love with my white american fiance, and I am mexican, and well after dating so many mexicans i wanted to try something different and thank God I did, now i think like why would a settle for something so common to me (mexican guys) when I know the culture, traditions etc, etc, plus being with him makes me feel like I live in a movie and date a movie star :)

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Sure I would, if I loved them, or at least, liked them a hell of a lot. I don’t think about things like race as important, really. The onlt time I would is if their culture didn’t allow it, frowned on it or whatever.
I knew this chick who dated some dude from Greece and his family didn’t like it, for cultural reasons.
With that said, I’d be all like, so what we gonna do about it, but I wouldn’t give up, if I really wanted to be with them.

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I mostly like white guys, I don’t know why…I find other races attractive, it just never turns into anything in the first or second place. I have a wide array of friends and coworkers, so I don’t know why I haven’t dated much outside of my race…I think it has to do with some common denominators like musical taste, which is a huge part of my life. I dated an MC at one point, and found out that I mostly dislike rap. I’ve liked a couple of artsy Mexican guys, but nothing has ever come of it…hmmm…

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Makes no difference to me at all…

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