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Why am i only getting spark from the coil when i release the ignition?

Asked by malow (6points) July 12th, 2010

why am i only getting spark from the coil when i release the ignition key,hence the golf does not start

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Malow, I first suspect the switch itself. I’m guessing that when you rotate the switch it loses contact inside it. Those switches are ususally pretty simple and very cheap at the parts store. They make an universal switch for lawn movers, boats, golf carts etc. You might try pulling the switch loose from the dash board. If the wires are attached to terminals where you can get to them there should only be three, turn the key on and short the starter wire to the primary wire to see if it will start. Other wise go down to your local parts store get a switch that looks similar to yours and try it. Wish I was there I would be happy to help!!!

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Woops, I didn’t see your first question! It looks like you have some other things the switch is turning on. You should be able to use a switch with more pins, you just need to figure out which does what of course. Some times there is no good substitute for the right part. Good Luck!!

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I am not familiar with the module you are using but I can tell you something real quick about ignition coils and all inductors. When you apply power breifly to any type of inductor (such as an ignition coil) and than disengage the power you create a “voltage collapse” in the coil with drastically increases the voltage coming out of the widings/or secondary. You get your spark when you actually cut-off the power to the coil once the coil is briefly energized. Hope this helps in some way.

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