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How long does it take you to go to sleep?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 12th, 2010

Does your mind keep going? Do you hurt bad? Are you out the second you hit the pillow??

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I go in cycles. If I’m on a night sleeping cycle then I fall asleep fairly quickly around seven PM.

If I’m on a day sleep cycle then it takes being awake for about twenty hours before I can become tired enough to sleep. I use movies that I love, and are calm, and I put them on. I close my eyes and picture the movie in my head, which seems to help speed along sleep.

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It takes me ages.
I have found out I fall asleep more easily, if I listen to Redlettermedia’s reviews.

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Usually less than 5 minutes. But I can’t swear by it because I fall asleep with my eyelids closed and it makes it hard to look at the clock.

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what mind….about 3 seconds! Really, when i was working, that was not true. Now, go right off to sleep very quickly. Have found that all that stuff that goes through your mind is not there the next morning. So, i stopped thinking about anything! Sleep much better now!

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I have cycles of insomnia. I’ve used Valium in the past, but I don’t like the stuff. If I can’t get to sleep, it’s because thoughts just won’t quiet down. It can take me anywhere from minutes to hours to fall asleep.

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95% of the time I am out like a light…the other 5 % I am up all night!

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Last night it took from 11:30 to 3:30 at which time I hit myself over the head with a a hammer. Usuaully, it’s around ½ an hour but sometimes, it’s miserable.

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Glad you asked. An hour at least. I do not know how to keep my thoughts quiet. I try to have a blank mind but it’s no use. I so envy people who go right to sleep . Maybe they have nothing to worry about.

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Like some of my fellow Flutherines, I get severe cases of insomnia. Depending on the day I have had & how I feel, I can fall asleep in a matter of minutes or it can take up to 8 hours.

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It depends. Sometimes I battle insomnia. At times I will go to bed and probably get to sleep within 10 minutes. Other times I will toss and turn for hours.

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It depends on what the day has been like. If there has been trouble with the kids or my husband’s work, or any other number of problems, I will lay and just stare off! Sometimes I fall asleep so quick I wake up in the same position thinking it couldn’t have been 6 or 8 hours. Then there are those nights when I’m soooo tired and I get in bed and start itching or just toss and turn!

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My head, pillow, ZZZzzzzzzzz!!

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Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes I just don’t sleep. When I’m lucky, it take 30 mins to an hour. It can be a real pain!

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I once read that the average time it takes someone to fall asleep is 7 minutes, and that seemed shockingly quick to me.

It really depends on my level of activity. Two years ago, when I had a crazy busy schedule with school I used to sleep sooo well and so quickly. Right now, when I’m on summer break being a waste of life, I take a while to get to sleep, haha.

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I seems to take me quite a while to fall asleep. I have a hard time going to sleep when my husband isn’t here. It sucks. I lay in ben constantly thinking about things (like did I lock all the doors, are the lights all turned off, what was that noise, etc). I have a hard time relaxing enough to fall asleep at night, so I’m usually awake until exhaustion takes over.

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Not long. I usually like to have a little period of lying on my back thinking about things (I don’t usually fall asleep lying on my back unless I’m really tired, so I know I can be awake for that). Then I go and lie on my right side, which is my default sleeping position, and from there it usually doesn’t take me long at all. If I’m stressed or excited or if it’s really hot and humid in my room, it may take longer.

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After I checked Fluther on my phone, 5 minutes max.

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I often fall asleep in seconds. It’s pretty crazy. Usually because I either have long, exhausting days or I don’t go to bed until I’m tired (which can be very late).

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Since I don’t go to bed until I am actually sleepy, it takes mere minutes, unless my grandsons are visiting, then I stay awake and listen for awhile to make sure they are sound asleep.

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Many times I am unable to fall asleep for as much as 5 hours because of pain.
I often wake up not long after falling asleep because I am too uncomfortable to stay asleep in my chair.

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For about 3yrs I suffered with insomnia that only now seems to be abating. If I have some playtime with my partner then I’ll be asleep within a half hour otherwise it might take an hour of TV series to drop off.

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I don’t fall asleep, I have to drug myself. If I don’t I just doze and wakeup over and over until 5 or 6 am. I generally have no problem sleeping in the morning hours when so much of the world is bustling about being all perky and chirpy!!!

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I generally fall asleep really quickly.

Unless I’m horny.

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