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What is being regular?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 12th, 2010

Once a day, firm? I’m asking because I hate gastro drs. and I need to see how out of kilter I am. I dont like this subject. I woke up during a scope. and havent been back. So what are you fluthers poopin like?

So sorry to bring it up.

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A healthy regularity is considered to be once a day, not too firm or soft, in between.
So what’s yours like?

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I will PM you if you really want to know.
Obviously, since I’ve had a scope, and also have ulcers, it is not like @marva.

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I shit once or twice a week, usually rock hard and filling half the bowl. Been like that all my life and it’s not likely to change. I think “regular” means different things to different people.

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10:30pm, daily, +/- 2 hours.

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@SmashTheState you’ve actually described what is considered as constipation.. even of you have been this way for as long as you can remember.

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Gee… every morning, after a cup or two of coffee. I think you should poo once a day, at least. I would HATE the idea of keeping all that poo in for a week, walking around with it inside my body….. YUCK.

Some people have slow digestion. I worked with a woman who only went once a week. She went to the doctor and found out she had a slow thyroid. Not enough thyroid hormone slows the body down.

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Regular is what works for you. But I must say eatting Total Bran flakes once a day for a dry snack is improving on my Regular. So evidently there is works for you and a better works for you and the plumbing.

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a crap a day keeps the doctor away [preferably in the am]

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I have IBS so you really don’t want to know the details. It could scar you for life.

Usually ‘regular’ for me involves running, pleading with sales associates and praying for no lines. Once, the bathroom had a fan that was a good day.

I would say normal is once or twice a day, easy to go without using your stomach muscles to push and no cramping.

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Yeah I have IBS as well.. I assume normal is once or twice a day, without a Hellmouth opening up in your toilet.

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How do you know it’s just IBS, and nothing else to be investigated??

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You can get tested, but usually if you just describe the symptoms to the doctor they will diagnose it. If you are having problems in that area it’s really best to get checked though. You might need a colonoscopy, which isn’t pleasant I know, but far better than leaving it and finding out it’s something really bad. Oh you said you had a scope, I assume that’s the same thing?

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“Regular” is different for everybody—and every body. It’s also variable depending on age, stress, environment, genetics and other factors, as well as current state of health. The great thing about taking a test is that whenthe result is good, and it usually is, you won’t have to worry about a subject no one likes to think about.

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Three times a day. Once after breakfast. Once after lunch. Once after dinner. Usually firm, but sometimes hard or loose depending on previous meals. Oh, wait, we are talking about humans and not my puppy.

2–4 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less – depending on previous meals. Boy, I wish I had a regular poo schedule like my pup! I’ve had the poo-shute-scope too, not a pleasant experience! I’ve had digestive issues throughout life, and my gall bladder removed a few years ago. Bottom line (ha ha) is that I’ve got IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). High fiber, low fat diet should remedy the issue, but my preference is for low fiber, high fat (yay drive-thru!) – hence the irregular push push.

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I don’t think much of docs who diagnose IBS based on symptoms alone. I was diagnosed with it, but it turns out I was low on magnesium. It’s amazing what the right supplement will do.

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