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5/8 barrel I.D. needed for ballistics test.

Asked by skylark (1points) July 12th, 2010

I am looking for a manufacturer to machine up a stainless steel barrel in a bore of .626 to shoot a round 5/8 diameter steel ball.
Will be used for ballistic testing on safety glasses.
Any help out there?

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Where are you located? What is the required burst pressure or what is the the final muzzle velocity? You might get away with buying a shotgun barrel and custom reloading shells to a specific power level.
Andros Manufacturing in Rochester NY does machine work like that.
I also know of a mil contractor that does custom reloads to match projectile velocities complete with chronographed data for your projectile. (I have used them). They are a little expensive but well worth it when you consider the convenience. ~$35–50 per round. But they are perfect and fit right in specified shotgun like a standard round. It does not get any easier.
(You have to be a US company due to ITAR rules. PM if you need info.)

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