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Is tipping, as in giving a gratuity, expected in Scotland?

Asked by UScitizen (4278points) July 12th, 2010

Should I expect to tip in Scotland? I’ve learned that in some places, tipping is an insult. I don’t want to insult anyone. Should I tip the wait staff in a restaurant in Scotland?

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No service charges are incorporated into the bill but feel free to tip if you feel you had a good service you won’t be insulting anyone.

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“There are no hard and fast rules for tipping in Scotland. If you are happy with the service, a 10–15% tip is customary, particularly in a restaurant or café with table service. Tipping in bars is not expected. For taxi fares it is usual to round up to the nearest pound (£).”

Scotland with Style

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When I was in Edinburgh, I had excellent service in many pubs, and the cabbies were extremely friendly and helpful. As a New Yorker, I almost fainted from the shock. I definitely tipped (don’t remember how much, sorry)

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I’m glad you’re asking this.

We tried to tip at a restaurant on Bonaire (a Caribbean island near Aruba) for wonderful service, and they just thought my husband had poor math skills. It was like a fight over how much change we were supposed to receive.

It wasn’t until after we left that I thought ”::facepalm:: They don’t tip here. They didn’t understand what we were doing”

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in Europe, some waiters even get insulted if you tip them (but this depends on the region and how well the waiter’s base pay is), because it’s like saying they’re poor or something. [citation needed]

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Albeit a bit old, here is a response to the same question on another Q&A website.

Have a great trip!

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As Im Scottish, tipping is much like as you would do in the USA. If the service is good then yes, if its poor then no.

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depends on the service..

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