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How can I access facebook from China?

Asked by Odedhiggins127 (5points) July 12th, 2010

Hello everyone!
I just started working in Beijing, and while I’m very excited I still miss my friends back home. Unfortnately, China blocks access to Facebook! Does anyone know how I can get around the block?


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“One of the best solutions in the market is Securitales
(Can be found at )
SecuriTales can do Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the other Social Media websites.
It requires no installation and works great from China.”

That is one of the possibilities i found here.

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Try Googling it.~

@rebbel‘s solution sounds good.

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In china we use proxy to access website blocked by governor. The one i used most recently is . Open it and paste the url you want to access into the address field in the middle bottom of the page hit browse button. if it turn out page not found. you can change the proxy channel by choose another proxy channel in the drop down selection(the drop down selection is just below the address field) and hit browse again.

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For China, the best option is Freedur. They are both the fastest and easiest to setup, and price is the lowest I think. If you’re in Beijing specifically, none of the other providers will be fast for you because they don’t have a dedicated line for Beijing’s ISP China Unicom. Freedur has special China Unicom servers setup and it’s the only VPN that’s fast in Beijing. The site is, hope that helps.

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Another vote for Securitatales! It’s definitely the best proxy I’ve ever used.

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I answer this question before, Since then I found good alternative to break it by goagent. This is free and much more reliable and fast although it’s harder to set up.

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I was in China many times and I have used a lot of software to have access to facebook ( yes I“m a facebook addict^^) but a lot of VPN are very expensive and not always easy to use, so I really advise you to use safer vpn, it’s simple and cheaper and it really works : ! You can also reach each website all over the world !
Enjoy your freedom !

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