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Do young teenage girls and young adult women use a faddish voice nowadays?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) July 12th, 2010

Is it my imagination or aging ears, but does anyone else notice that many young women speak in a high, cracking voice nowadays? I hear it on radio and TV, in stores, in movies, and at work. I’m not being critical or making fun of this … just curious.

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Sorry, I meant this to be a social question, not meta.

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Not that I have noticed.

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I haven’t noticed that, at least not any more than in previous generations.

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Guess I’m getting old. ;-)

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well apperantly I have an overly high squeaky voice… however it’s not something that I can change. My friends make fun of it often.

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i do notice that young girls use a weird kind of choppy accent sometimes when leaving voicemails or reading things out loud. i can’t describe it and if i tried it would probably not be accurate.

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Well, @mandybookworm, I luv you anyway. ;-)

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@Austinlad It’s not just your ageing ears ;) I come across it all of the time. Many of my peers are culprits. It’s interesting, but can be rather annoying. Hmm, I’ve one friend in particular who changes her accent depending on the people she’s around. It’s a strange one

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I’m not sure if it’s what you mean but I have noticed some people in their 20s using a distinctive intonation with a rising inflection on the end of the sentence, y’know?.

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