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How and to whom do I donate hard drives?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) July 12th, 2010

I’m working this summer in a server room cleaning organizing and fixing computers. I came across several 18GB hard drives. They are completely worthless to anyone after 1999 and selling on eBay for pennies. Because we need to get rid of them and they are still in the packaging, brand new, I would like to donate them to a cause that would fix up computers for less fortunate people.

What is a good and worthy cause willing to pick up possibly 30 to 50 small HDs?

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You could probably donate them to a school which is short on funds, most would appreciate any help they can get.

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One choice is the Electroregeneration Society

IT Schools Africa is another choice..

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I volunteer here and we would take them. You would need to ship them to Oregon. But there is probably a similar organization that is close to you.

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Most Scout organizations have e-waste drives.

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the boy scouts use a lot of drives to take apart and demonstrate for Computers merit badge.

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