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Cleaning a wooden cutting board? Oiling it?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) February 26th, 2007
The wood get dry and gooey underneath if I forget to wash it (and leave in rack to dry) after each use. Should it be bleached. Are plastic boards safe? I know that wood is kinder to good knives; but that muddy puddle on formica!
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don't leave it to dry on formica. the sludge is full of bacteria. dry it each time you use it, or put it in a position where it'll get air on all sides.
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my most diligent cook friends sand (!) their cutting boards every number of months, and you can seal it with a bit of mineral oil to keep it from warping.
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Hand sand or power tools? And what grit? I hope that your friends cook as well as they prep. I use mineral oil for legs in cold weather - why not add some to cutting board, I guess. Thanks for grusome description of sludge, BTW ;-) I was about to whack board into kindling but won't now.
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I found the best cutting boards ever at Sur La Table to replace my yucky plastic ones. The brand is Epicurean. Check em out:;=basic&keyword;=epicurean&sortby;=shortdesc&asc;=true&page;=1
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Link comes up in non-English. Can you describe the Epicurean one you like? There are several.
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Here's the description from the Sur La Table website: Epicurean Cutting Surfaces A favorite of professional kitchens now available for home chefs. Extremely durable and non-porous, these boards do not dull knives. Boards develop a richer color with use. Dishwasher safe. Heat resistant to 350°F. Made from a natural fiber composite laminate.
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If you go to and then search for Epicurean it should come up.
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I have 2 sizes of the tan colored ones. Mine are not grooved (those are much more pricey). The smaller one cost $14 or so and the bigger one $20 or so. I love them.
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BTW, mineral oil is definitely a good way to treat a wooden cutting board or butcher block. And try not to ever wash it with soap.
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I found some negative comments about your Epicurean board. Slippery, said a few people. They had to put a damp towel underneath.
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I use a combo wooden carving-board and bread board from ikea. It was only 14 bucks! I wash it, thoroughly dry it, and then oil it. I try to wash it infrequently, and instead wipe it clear with vinegar and water. You should use both sides evenly to prevent warping.

And the Ikea ones are really affordable, so if you have to throw one out if it gets busted, it’s not a huge loss.

Look at that! My cutting board has been reduced to 10 bucks! I highly recommend it, if you live near an Ikea. They have other wooden boards, too, all on the cheap.

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You need to dry the board right away. You should keep it oiled as well, otherwise cracks will form and trap bacteria.
Here is a basic

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