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Do you think Fluther should change or upgrade their website design?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) July 12th, 2010

The first time I came to Fluther web site it looked to me very strange and unusual. All the colors and fish have not worked out with the idea. If you will look on all the big web site today, the design is very minimal. Maybe one or two colors control the all design.

I am not sure if the graphics helps or not. If I was working with the Fluther team I would suggest new layout and design for the future, but this is only one opinion. What do you think?

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It’s a tradition, now. No point in changing it. There have already been far too many changes here. I think the place is still suffering from the last ones. No need to pile more on top of that.

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The design of Fluther is one of my favorite things about it. They should change nothing, or very little. Keep the fonts. Keep the type sizes. Keep the colors. And Definitely Keep the Layout.

I remember when the website “Raw Story” switched to a more contemporary look. Web designers thought it was cool. Web users hated it. They went back to their blockiness, and it’s much better that way.

Or when upgraded their “look”. Yeah it looked cool, like a painting, but for a web user, it became way harder to use, and much slower too. That was when jumped the shark. Don’t let Fluther jump the shark.

Keep Fluther as is.

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Fluther does not need a face lift!

It could use some subtle enhancements to some of the existing features but I don’t need to see fancy visual effects or designs.

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Maybe the over-colored and background is too childish?
It sure different, No doubt.

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It would not be Fluther if it got a facelift.
It is soothing to the eye and feels like home.

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I love the layout. Nice and clean with very little extraneous bullshit.
Have you seen AnswerBag? Now that is one ugly, unattractive website.

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@FutureMemory , sure AnswerBug is ugly, like it was before :-)

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@FutureMemory Oh wow… that is probably the ugliest website I have ever seen.

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i think Fluther could use a few more features, like the ability to see your outgoing PM history (hint hint, developer dudes), but other than that I love the layout and overall functionality/intuitiveness in its current form.

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No! One of the main reasons I stayed on fluther was because it is so simple and easy to use. Don’t come around here stirring up trouble. Fluther is fab the way it is.

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I’d love for the fishies on the bottom of the page to have rotating “Easter Eggs”.

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It should look like this.

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I love it as is. Simple and blue- two of my favorite things.

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No, no, a thousand times no.

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@gemiwing Um, it’s actually light green.

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No, I love the simplicity and soft colors and cute ness. It makes me happy.

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I think it’s safe to say our design is something we’re pretty happy with… :)

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there are some points it like to make as a new user
1. the login button was hard to see
2. maybe a small tutorial could be added once you register (i mean a short simple clear animation)
3. the design does resemble a blogger skin
4. I love the Octopus / Squid
5. The site is clean and simple this is a good thing
6. maybe some way to view by Category

all in all i think this is a great site a lot better than Yahoo answers and the community doesn’t slam your posts like on reddit and correct your grammar.

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No, It’s great as it is.

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Fluther should work on upgrading their users.

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@aveffects It’s a jellyfish and his name is Dr. J. JSYK

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@aveffects Give it time. People will correct your grammar and slam your posts. Welcome to fluther.

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I am not a big fan of change. I like what I see here, except for the log out link.

They took Ben away from the Oh no, we couldn’t find that user, and replaced it with an exceptionally ugly drawing, and I don’t like that.

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NO! I hate change. I even miss Ben’s face too.

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OMG!!! What happened to BEN!!!
What did they do to him???
Let’s get a search party together!~

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Did someone say party?

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@Dog I’m in! Let’s get this search going.

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I like the Fluther layout the way it is. I’ve grown quite use to it in these past few months.

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Why fix what ain’t broke?

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@YARNLADY That was incredibly rude, considering the new drawing is not only fantastic, but was drawn by a Fluther user.

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@rangerr I like the drawing but people don’t have to wholeheartedly agree on whether or not it’s a good drawing

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir There’s still no need to call it “exceptionally ugly”.

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@rangerr shrug…no one knows that a fluther user drew that…is that supposed to make one’s opinion of it different? just saying..and clearly, it’s nothing of that sort

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I am a web designer and the site is designed very well. You can get to where you need to go easily and there’s just enough visual interest and personality to be inviting. I wouldn’t change anything. Kudos to the designer.

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Heck no! This is a very well designed site.

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I’m brand new, but I like it. I can figure out how to get where I want to go and how to do what I want to do. I think it’s attractive as well as functional.

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I’d like them to leave it alone.

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Touch it…and I’ll break your tentacle.

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There are things more important than just keeping up with the latest trends in design. Like branding. However, I noticed all the new changes on the site are already being designed according to the latest trends in graphic design, which is either a sign the site’s design is slowly being altered, or heading towards a necessary overhaul in the long term.

oh, and I absolutely adore the new 404 image. No offense, Ben :)

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I just had to note that before I was not able to see the picture that is replacing Ben because when a moderator clicks on a user they can access it even when the account is closed. Now that I see it I love it!
It is witty and on theme and fun.

(Sorry Ben)

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In a world of constant change, change not my Fluther. It works.

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I think it should be like this.

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Holy crap! They shut down the pirate bay!

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You need to pay more attention.

Is still alive and well.

The site with all the govt. badges plastered all over it is
Pirate CITY.

A New York State agency would have no jurisdiction over a website physically located in Sweden.


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@phaedryx Just add some animated GIFs and it’s a masterpiece.

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I would like to see a jelly follow my pointer around.

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No. Keep it. Never change a running system.

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Any upgrade would be a downgrade;)

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Actually, I mocked up a new motto for fluther, what do you think?

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I actually became aware of fluther because it was featured on a design site. I can’t find the exact article, but fluther has been featured as a site with great design, e.g.

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Less is better but I would add an option for “Topics”. It doesn’t exist. The only way to access some “topic” is to click a Question and hopefully the topic you want is in that page.

Too many graphics can slow down a page somewhat and, considering the avatars are images, more pictures would make it too “heavy”, especially with more than 60 replies.

The “Live” setting is a good idea. I still haven’t worked out how to reply to another answerer without just adding to the Questioners’ page. Ive seen some answers indeted to an answer so that that reply is aimed at that first level (hard to explain. I don’t want to use up my questions asking how to use this site. The help section is…where?

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@actuallery The help section is listed at the top. If you have a topic listed in your profile, then questions asked with that topic listed will show up in the “questions for you” section. That is the easiest way to get the questions you are interested in. Also, on the home page, under the “community feed” there is a section that lists some “topics” and you can click on those. The “questions for you” will also show you the questions anyone you have added to your fluther has asked. The best way to reply to someone specifically is to write @ and the person’s name (without the space) as I did in the beginning of this response. The answers show up on the page in real time and don’t get grouped together by who you are actually responding to. If you have other questions, you can ask the mods or probably most of the rest of us through our profiles (where you can send a “comment” either publicly or privately). There is also a contact tab at the top that you can use to ask questions and someone will get back to you with an answer.

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@Seaofclouds – The “Help” section is not Help, it’s just guidelines. HELP is when there are explanations of specific topics and subjects not a WELCOME page.

I tried a seeking a topic for computers, after all, who doesn’t ask questions about computers?

I’ve got a wide and varied interest in everything so ahould I put 10,000 topics in my suggested profile?

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@actuallery If you look through all of the tabs in the “help” section, it also discusses the guidelines, writing standards, formatting, and gives a list of the mods. It’s not just that welcome page. As far as the topics, they have been working on getting the topics set up so that it runs more smoothly (like so that what we have in our profile doesn’t have to match exactly what the question asker puts in the tags of their question). You can put as many topics in your profile as you would like. I’ve seen several people that have a rather long list of topics in their profile.

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Here is the topic section for computers. It’s listed on the home page like I mentioned in my previous post (under the community feed on the right side of the screen).

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@actuallery You can put as many things as you want in your profile. Whatever you’re interested in, or whatever you’re an expert at, add it all!

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I would love the ability to choose between layouts without losing functionality. We are after all in the era of CSS.

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I personally like it a lot. If something isn’t broken, why fix it? Or as my art professor used to say “If it isn’t Baroque, don’t fix it”.

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It’s 2 years later now. And I still say no. Keep it as is.

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