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People who utilize the services of a cleaning lady (or "maid service"): How much do you pay her, what does she do and how many rooms does she clean?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 12th, 2010

I am just curious what others may pay their hired cleaning help, and to get an accurate comparison i think telling the number of rooms would be helpful. Also, i am curious what exactly she (or he or they) cleans or does for that money. Does she do laundry? does she put away clothes? Please be specific as possible.

I have had a cleaning lady for a little more than a year, and as someone who did not grow up with this type of service, i have no experience knowing what to expect or if i’m getting the right amount of help for what i pay.

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I , so far, have a choice of getting ripped off of $130 for Excellent cleaning OR $95 for ok cleaning. Rooms? Let’s see….11 or 10, I keep getting a different count. (brilliance)

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When i used to have a cleaning lady i paid her about $10 a day, that’s about the going rate here in SA. She’d clean 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and the kitchen, and wash dishes and iron clothes, but not put them away. By cleaning i mean she’d dust, vacuum/sweep floors and wash them, clean toilet and basins and stuff, clean/dust all tables and counter tops. Oh, and also clean the patio floor outside the living room and the tiny patio in front of the front door. Something like that.

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I pay mine 10 an hour. 3 bedrooms dust and vacuum. Bathroom and kitchen complete clean walls and all. living room dust vacuum

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Hmm. I do not have a housekeeper, but I do know two women that clean houses for a living. And they both charge $50 for 3 hours, and then I believe it’s $10 per hour for every hour over 3. They are not affiliated with one another, so I assume this is the going rate in my area. I assume 3 hours is the minimum per week they will clean a house for.

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I have a four bedroom house, with two bathrooms. I pay $12 an hour, with a four hour minimum. I usually have two people for two hours. They clean the bathrooms and kitchen, all surfaces, and dust and vacuum the rest of the rooms. They will move light things, but I usually pick up all the boxes, clothes, and toys that are scattered around the house before they come, so they can spend more time doing the hard part.

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A gal who cleans homes for a lot of my co workers charges $150. for the first visit and then $50.-$75. a visit for monthly or bi monthly upkeep. She’ll do floors, windows, dusting, unload & load a dishwasher, fold laundry, run a carpet cleaning machine.

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I pay my housekeeper $10.00 an hour for a average of 8 hours per week. I pay her to clean the house, so I make sure ahead of time that everything is picked up and tidy. She doesn’t do any dishes, windows or laundry, but would be willing to if I asked. I also give her a bonus at Christmas equal to one day of pay. She is my hero!

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It’s 90 dollar for me, 1000 sq feet (but she does my dad’s house of 8000 sq feet for the same). Dishes, floors, windows, counters, dusting, vacuuming (including furniture cuz I have pets), bathtub/sinks, trash, organizing a bit, and the fridge every few months.

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Now I KNOW I’ve been ripped off. (3 brs, 2.5 baths)

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For our upcoming 3–4 bdm / 2–2.5 ba house then my gal is going to charge $150 for the first visit and then $50. for any after. She will do the following:

Carpet machine if asked
Wash windows
Mop floors
Unload/load dishwasher
Scrub sinks, tubs/showers and toilets
Do any dirty laundry and fold it including changing the bedding
*a friend of hers makes awesome homemade tamales too!

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@Neizvestnaya Wow; $50 for all that. Too depressing . She’s Really good but I’m finding someone else (I hope)

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I’m aware she’s a bargain but she does so many co worker’s homes that I think she gives us all a break. I also try to call on her for any referalls for yard work and moving.

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I pay mine 80 every two weeks for two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, dining room, living room. i have three cats and a toddler, plus i’m far from being the neatest person so she works for that money, i know. i don’t have her do laundry, although she sometimes will wash the comforter and she has offered to wash the living room curtains. she does all what she’s supposed to, load the dishwasher, clean the stove, tidy the countertops, change bedding on both beds, clean bathroom, mop floors (i don’t know if she has her own mop or she uses rags but my mop seems untouched). when i come home the house smells like no cats live here. the first time she came she charged $100. it was a total disaster. actually it’s a total disaster each time she comes, but less so than the first time. she also takes out the garbage and puts in new bag.

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When our gal cleaned my bf’s old apt., I kind of thought $150. was an incredible amount even if there were two bedrooms. When we came home and saw the inside of the washing machine had been scrubbed and wiped down of sticky detergent and lint or the stove top burner liners had been scrubbed all shiny then we were amazed. Also, I don’t know about anyone else here but when I scrub the tub then it’s never white-white even though I know it’s clean but when she did it then it was absolutely white, every bit of it and it was shiny too! We felt like we’d checked into a model home unit.

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