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What is your most inexplicable experience?

Asked by SmashTheState (14223points) July 12th, 2010

I use “inexplicable” rather than “supernatural” because I don’t believe the supernatural can exist. If it exists, it’s natural. It may be inexplicable with our current models, but that doesn’t put it in the realm of “ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties.”

My own experience: I lived in a house with what is commonly referred to as “poltergeist” activity. We would often hear boxes slide across the floor in the attic and then bump into walls. It was also in the attic that we’d often hear creaking noises in specific locations, like someone shifting their weight from foot to foot, only to go up and find nothing. One night I got up to use the toilet and found the toilet paper roll unspooling itself onto the floor. It was an old house, and the bedroom doors had glass transoms over them; one day, while I was alone in the house with my door closed, I witnessed the attic door open and then close itself over my transom. I didn’t have the nerve to get up and open my door. One day one of my roommates and I were sitting in her room, discussing the things we had experienced. As we were discussing it, the noises in the attic got louder and louder right above our heads. Finally, the floor lamp sitting beside us tipped itself over and slammed to the floor right between the two of us.

What is the most unusual, inexplicable experience that you have had?

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I can’t explain it.

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I was absent for one day in primary school, yet I was completely certain that I was there the whole day.
Maybe I was abducted by aliens, I do not now.

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I had a bathroom “ghost”. I named him Dennis.

You could hear him walking back and forth in the bathtub all day long. Sometimes he’d turn on the water in the middle of the night and I had to get up and turn it off. I would tell my parents about it, and they never believed me – until my sister and I were both away at church camp for a week, and the bathroom flooded.

That’s my story.

My husband’s is a little more personal. He was visiting a friend’s house for a week. Joe’s dad accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun and died when Joe was a baby.

Joe went to work, and Jason got up a couple of hours later to take a shower. While he was in there, someone who looked just like Joe walked in, took something out of a drawer. Jason called to him “Hey! What are you doing here?” and the guy left the room.

Jason asked his friend’s mom whether he had come home. She said “Oh, no. That’s just my husband. He’s never left!”

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@ragingloli I had something vaguely similar happen. In grade 2, I put my pencil down on my desk (which was sloped) and the pencil rolled off. I felt it hit my foot, then heard it clatter to the floor. When I bent down to pick it up, I realized it was on my lap. That was the first clue I ever received that “physical matter” was a myth.

Later, in highschool, the French teacher was handing out test papers. He had made only enough for the class, with no extras. He put the test face-down on my desk, and I remember looking at the paper. By the time the teacher reached the head of the row, my paper had vanished. I asked for another one, and he was quite cross because he didn’t have any extras. We searched all around my desk, under the desk, and he even insisted on me checking my pockets and book bag. Nowhere. In the end he had to go and get another test paper done up because neither one of us could figure out where it had gotten to in 2 seconds between him putting it down and walking away.

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Well, firstly I really liked what you started with: inexplicable vs. supernatural.

Mine is this: I was 17, living in my parents house, it wasn’t a good period that time, I had a lot of nightmares, One night, actually at dawn I wake up hearing a man say “The universe” I open my eyes and he goes on: “is changing” there is no one in the room, the voice is inside my head and all over at the same time, and also somehow syncronised inside the voice of a bird I hear very loudly outside “turn off the light” (all in english and I am a hebrew speaker) “fucking bird”. I turn the ligth on, look outside, no one, nothing, just the bird. I go back to sleep and close my eyes, and then again “the universe” stop, I open my eyes “is changing” stop “turn off the light” stop. I close my eyes again, and hear it again, walk around and look out again, nothing. and once again.
I get goose bumps even now telling it. Not because of fear, that I did have then, but because I feel that it DID happen and I didn’t imagine it one bit!
My way to explain it is that I was in such a sensitive period of my life, so fragile and lost, that a gate to something higher had opened to me. + it was reassuring me of the future to come, that every suffering I was undergoing would change into the magnificant life that I have now.

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I think I’ve told this story on here before. It’s kind of retarded, but…

Many moons ago, I was doing homework in my bedroom and I was bored and started taking my pen apart. I dropped the spring on the floor and couldn’t find it. Since I couldn’t write with it anymore, I went downstairs to get a new one to finish my homework. When I came back upstairs, my pen was put back together on my desk, waiting for me, spring intact! Dun dun dun!!!

@Marva- creepy!

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My dog and I went to visit my mom’s grave the winter after she died.I was having a hard time finding it due to the snow on the ground.I was starting to get alittle upset when I looked over at my normally hyper dog who was laying right on top of it crying.
It blew me away.

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I’ve had a few but I won’t mention them because they would be deemed as “supernatural”. I will mention one however, a dream of my brother dying in the exact same location and the manner in which he died which happened exactly 2 weeks before it happened. I will add another one as well, his last four digits on his phone # was 0129. He died on 01/29/2001. I’m not making that one up. It was a more of realistic dream than a “dreamy dream”, I remember it vividly till this day and I am still in shock from it.

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This one time, I was at this place, and then all of a sudden this thing happened, and I was all “whoa”.

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When my father died, I flew out of state for his funeral. While in a private viewing then I safety pinned a St. Christopher’s medal to the inside of one sleeve wrist. A few months later while vacumming my own home then I saw that same medal on the closet floor. I walked over to my best friend’s apt. and asked him to go upstairs in mine and confirm the medal was real and not a hallucination. It was there and it was the very one, same patina markings and broken off pendant loop. I didn’t want to pick it up or stay alone in the apt. for a few hours but got over it. I tried to reason by some way shape or form that my dad sent it back to me to show he’d reached destination or didn’t need the protection any longer.

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I have no idea why I got the symptoms of bipolar disorder after 51 years of life. It’s quite unusual.

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@bob_ What…somebody actually make you a sandwich? That WOULD be freaky!
I’m likin’ this thread!

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@Dutchess_III Not as freaky as your face. BOOYAH!

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Pulls @bob_‘s last remaining hair out of his head and runs away

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I have no idea why but whenever my sister says “Aye, Aye, Captain!”. I cannot stop my left arm from saluting. It started in a trip to Alaska up the inside passage. It’s like a knee jerk reaction. Maybe it’s a past life thing or something.

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Heard my 3 yrs old sister say to herself while playing with her toys ” mmm it’s so good to be a child again” .....
geeeez…. goosebumps !!!

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