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How do I protect my new iPhone 4?

Asked by christybird (816points) July 12th, 2010

I recently got a shiny new iPhone 4 (yay!). However, I am a huuuuge klutz (boo!). What are the best ways to protect my phone against dropping and other bumps and bruises? There are a lot of options out there: screen protectors, cases, coatings, etc. Which of these actually help?

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The OtterBox Defender Series has been the ultimate in iPhone protection throughout all the versions.

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The glass screens is the main reason why I’m not getting an iPhone 4. It shatters really easily, and scratches a lot.

I would get a case from InCase. Their products are really good and durable. They sell some of their cases at the Apple store, but not all of them. I would order online so I have more to choose from.

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I just got a wonderful case from a British company called Proporta. It covers both the front and back and is very reasonably priced. Check it out.

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AAAWwwwwwwwwww dude! Never, EVER get the first release of an apple product! Get the second release in a couple months when they have had time to find and fix any problems.

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I have the Zagg Invisishield film on my first generation iphone and keep the phone in a zCover skin with belt clip. The first protects from scratches (lifetime guarantee) and the second provides lots of cushioning (I’m a klutz, too). I plan on the same for my iphone 4.
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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I’m not particularly hard on my iPhone (other than the time I washed mine in the washer and it sat drying in rice for 5 days), and I’ve found the zagg invisibleShield and a case for the back to be enough. My plans for iPhone 4 (should be here by the end of the month) are to put the zagg invisibleShield on it (both sides) with a simple bumper case.

Best Buy sells and will install the zagg invisible shield, which makes it nice for me. I did have to have it replaced once, so I just went back to Best Buy and let them do it.

But for my son, who IS hard on phones, he loves the Otterbox case.

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There are cases called Speck. They have worked out great for me

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