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A winning diet?

Asked by spincity9080 (225points) July 12th, 2010

So heres the issue!!! I am not 21 anymore so my metabolism isnt what it used to be. I am looking for a good way to lose weight and get in shape. My problem is how though when i am in town i work out and all is well, but being in the military this whole summer was wasted on bs missions and left me with no time and the feeling of fatness. Now im not obese but id like to try some easy methods. Is there a counting calories for dummies or anything of that sort…..

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tragiclikebowie's avatar has a lot of info and a way to track food and exercise easily. They can even do meal plans if you want to follow one. Plus you can substitute things in and out, and track different nutritional options as well. And it’s free.

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I’ve heard that the Weight Watchers program is basically calorie counting reduced to simplicity. Why not give it a try? There are also a lot of iPod apps that help with this, if you like technology.

For weight loss, just as important as dieting is exercise. So find some physical activity you enjoy doing and make commitments to do them. Whether that is joining a club, going with a friend to motivate you, pre-paying for sessions so that you’re encouraged not to skip, joining an online group, or simply tracking your exercises by putting a big red X on that day, motivation is key.

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@dynamicduo….i do enjoy working out i actualy was motivated today to go for a run but its only because my ship hasnt gotten underway. its just been tough to work out on my schedule cuz when we are out my days are usually anywhere from 12 to 17 hour im to exhausted to work out. this is the first week all summer we havent left so i will be exercising all week and taking advantage of it. I will have to take a look at that website and try to figure out how to count those calories

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@tragiclikebowie sorry i actually sent my response to the wrong place im just trying to figure this website out still… i will be checking out that website thanks

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Probably with the military diet what it is, you may need to cut back on your carbs. Potatoes, rice, bread, pasta.

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@marinelife i know we get a lot of that and i know that stuff is horrible…but so is the taste somedays i really only left with the classic pb & j…....but i do agree…..i guess i need to figure out how many calories a day i should be intaking and go from there

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I am a great fan of The Food Tree link it is easy to follow and really works. Once you get to the weight you want, you start adding foods back in until you see just exactly what your metabolism can handle.

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@rooeytoo thanks ill have to take a look at that site

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@spincity9080 – it worked for me, I weigh less now than I did in high school :-)

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