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Can you Suggest an Olive Oil Brand name ?

Asked by espanyol (169points) July 12th, 2010

Its a Mediterranean origin olive oil with two products lines (high and Middle Quality) Any Suggestions?

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Swee’pea. As in, ”Swee’pea Olive Oyl will leave you Popeyed.”

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Do you want a specific olive oil that you are trying to find?

I suggest you try Gold Hill Olive Company instead.

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I live just down the road from Goldhill Olive Oil Co. :-)

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Elia (Greek word for olive.)

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Mediterranean Delight (It’s a key component of the Mediterranean Diet.)

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The Costco brand. Seriously. It comes highly recommending from chefs in Italy.

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L’Acropoli di Puglia. A wonderful, fruity olive oil from Italy. They offer a number of different styles of oil. I don’t know how much shipping would cost, though.

Hmm. Looks like it costs 10 Euros to ship. Don’t know if that includes the US.

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High end: Pantelleria olive oils, if you can use the name? I know they make wine there, not sure if they grow olives, but it sounds romantic. Armani’s scent that he used to pump through Armani Exchange and the smell of his women’s cologne Agua di Gio was the smell of the flowers and sea at his home on the island of Pantellaria.

Moderate: Enzo olive oil, Godfather olive oil, Iberian olive oil (that has to be taken already, that could be the high end one also if it isn’t taken) Majorca oils, Eilat olive oil.

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I tried the olive oil from Italy. One of the best i bought it is Amabile from L’Acropoli di Puglia. i use to eat risotto and fish and i think that its wonderful… thank you Wundayatta.

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