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Is this normal kitten behavior?

Asked by Facade (22889points) July 12th, 2010

Our new, 3 month old kitten is very aggressive. When he plays, his favorite thing to do is run, top speed around the apartment. He has a crazed look on his face. His ears are all the up and all the way back. And his tail is bristled. Honestly, it’s scary to me (a person who has never had a pet).

Is this normal? Will he calm down after he’s neutered?

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Three month old kittens are like toddlers. They’re going to run, play and fumble. Make sure he knows it’s not acceptable to be aggressive towards you, and that he respects your rules about curtains/furniture etc. He’ll calm down a little bit after he’s neutered- but time will be the biggest calming factor.

If you put aside about half an hour daily to really play with him, it can help him get out some of that energy. Wand toys, tossing toys or a laser pointer are all good playthings- just be interactive with him to keep him interested.

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Yes, it’s normal. He’s just full of energy and feeling playful. Don’t worry, in just a few short years, he’ll be a fuzzy lump on the bed that lays there when you leave in the morning and is still in the same spot when you get home at night.

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@gemiwing We play with him whenever he wants to play. It’s not as though he’s lacking in stimulation because I’m home all day with him. But It’s good to know that this is normal!
@syz I’m really looking forward to that stage

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My new pair just turned one..infact…TODAY is my males 1st B-day! :-)

They still go nutso every day, racing and chasing and tackling each other..yep, it’s purr-fectly normal. lol


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Perfectly normal. Wait a few years until he learns to run down the hall at 3AM sounding like a herd of elephants. Yet he can still quietly sneak up and steal your tuna sandwich if you turn your head for a half second. ;)

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Sounds normal to me. Some kittens are just like that. They all have different personalities. Some fall in to the “crazed kitten” category.

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Give him something to play with when he’s like that. I think all cats love these.

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Hey…..just rememberd I have some of those…somewhere…hmmm…lol

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If i remember right you were planning to let him sleep in the bed room, or weren’t you?
If yes, prepare also for attacks on any moving part of your body.
When one of my first cats was a kitten he jump and clawed everything that made the slightest movement, also when we were sleeping…
Hence my scarry toes.

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You can try one of these My cats used to absolutely love it. They would always drag it out from wherever I stored it. I tried to keep it from them by putting it on the back of the top shelf of the hall closet but they would just crawl up the coats that were hanging there and retrieve the thing.

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@Facade: When he gets to the lump stage, you’ll miss this one. Trust me :(

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@rebbel We only did that once, and he slept/sat very peacefully next to me all night. Now he just chills out on the couch all night. He’s either really easy going and loving or he all over the place. Hot and cold.

@Everyone Thanks for the advice!

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I don’t know, it took my cats about 15 years to reach the lump stage. They reached the lump stage long after I did and it was sometimes hard to keep up with them.

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He’s just playing:)
I blow catnip bubbles for mine to chase :)

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Hoo boy, yes, indeedy. Girl kittens do this, too.

I got my cat balls of yarn, boxes for her to climb on and jump in and out of, cardboard tubes, etc. when she was a kitten, but she played with similar objects and was very active throughout her life, even after she was fixed, which you will have to do for little Sir at about 6 months.

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He may be acting up because he misses his siblings and momma. Keep playing with him. My cats love their “Turbo Scratcher”. Take a lot of pictures and video’s now of your kitten’s wild antics. I’m so envious of you. My cats are now old with health issues.

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@gondwanalon I have plenty of video and photos. Just haven’t uploaded them yet. And I’m sure your kitties bring you lots of joy =)

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Yes its normal, I have a girl kitten (6 months old) that does all that stuff. She even climbs up the curtains. Cats/kittens have their own personalities as well. Usually they outgrow this. How would I define “energy” = kittens. If the kitten wasn’t energetic that would more likely be a sign something is wrong.

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Totally normal, my kitten Sweet Dee is actually only two weeks younger than yours! I have had quite a few cats, they all go through a stage of inflicting unintentional wounds and acting psychotic around everything. Especially fluffy things.

They all grow out of it in time. And yeah, he’ll chill the fuck out when you neuter him. Added bonus to neutering besides the obvious? Cuts down on the chance he’ll spray.

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