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Did any of you hear about the million or so demonstrators who gathered on the Mall in Washington D.C.?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) July 12th, 2010

I haven’t found a single news outlet referring to the event, just some pictures and a 9/12 Project webpage.

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when? I live here. I didn’t see a million demonstrators. Do you maybe mean attendees at the annual Folklife festival?

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@anartist beat me to the: When? Can you post a link to what you are referring to?

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When was this? I was in DC on the 4th and definitely didn’t see any of this. I don’t believe it.

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Is this a story from Fox News?

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You guys didn’t hear this story? It was in the news next to the bit about a nude Bill Clinton chasing the Olsen twins down the street in Harlem.

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Could this possibly be what you’re talking about, though this is a little 9/12/Tea Party mischief from 2009.

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@cockswain – heheheh, actually I really lol’d!!! ga

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@cockswain I can’t believe that hasn’t actually happened.

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@cockswain He is a randy rascal, though I think the Olsen twins, one or the other, or both of them may be a bit too skinny for Clinton. If some of his previous dalliances are any indication, he seems to like women with a little meat on their bones.

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Glen Beck’s 9/12 rally is scheduled for next month. You are just seeing the numbers FOX news are already making up about the attendence.

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Ooh. I was right.

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If it’s true that fox news is reporting it before it has actually happened, these things never cease to amaze me. I hope @Nullo comes back to affirm or correct what has been said here.

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Can’t believe that I forgot the when in the OP. o_o
Presumably, it was on 7/4/10. All that I have to go on are some pictures in an e-mail. They look real, but I think that someone might have gotten creative with their spot on the calendar.

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I feel filthy for having even googled this. I should’ve done it in private browsing mode so the history wouldn’t be saved.
1) I found a story about a 4th of July Tea Party rally this year in Omaha.
2) I found a Google map of tons of Tea Party events here. No July 4th 2010—or even any 2010 at all.
3) I found a Tea Party protest in DC, story by Fox news. But this was in April.
4) Searching Google news for Tea Party Washington July 4th, there are two relevant stories. One from omaha linked above, and one for Florida
5) I went onto (this is really where I felt scummy). Searched for Tea Party. Found a story about LiLo. And a story about Mel Gibson. But nothing about July 4th within the first page. Tried searching for “July 4th”. Got a story about how Franken shouldn’t be a senator. But not about a tea party.
I put in all the key words. Tea Party July 4 Washington. No relevant results
(edit, 6) There’s even a wikipedia list of tea parties in 2010. But nothing new since April.)

I’m going to make a relatively safe assumption and say it didn’t happen.

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Sounds like something the Onion or one of the other spoof news pages put together to me.

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I didn’t hear about it. Apparently because it didn’t happen.

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Oopsie, @Nullo. The triumph of reality over wishes?

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Seriously, it’s that kind of condescension that makes people not like you.

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People who don’t know me don’t like me.

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@dpworkin Not entirely true. I didn’t/don’t know you and I liked you anyway. In spite of, well in spite of… what business is it of anyone’s what it was in spite of? Just like what business is it of anyone’s if they like me, in spite of… whatever?

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I should have said that people who know me like me, in my experience. It doesn’t matter as much to me what people who don’t know me think.

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@dpworkin I agree. My friends like me. They have known me for a very, very long time, they have, almost all of them, seen me at my best and at my worst, and they still like me. Who gives a shit what anyone else thinks?

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I’m guessing there were many crowds all ove the country on July 4th. Lots of parades, fireworks , events.
Look at any new photos taken during that day. I heard the crowd in DC was for Gay Left-Handed Asian Women with Colitis or maybe it was for Tourists Visiting DC During Their Two Week Vacation, or maybe it was just typical silly Tea Party nonsense.

Was the email printed in a colored, oversized font?

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@Nullo Was your original question stating that it happened and no one was reporting on it? Or, were you trying to confirm if it even happened by asking fluther?

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@JLeslie Confirmation, mostly. It was my dad that got the e-mail, and he asked me if I could find out whether or not it was a hoax – you can only visit so many blogs. Though I wouldn’t ever be surprised to find that such an event went un-covered.

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@Nullo Would you really expect a million-person demonstration in DC to not be talked about by Fox? Had the protest actually happened, I’m pretty sure they’d have been patting themselves on the back for weeks prior to, and weeks after, the event.

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I think a demonstration of that magnitude would be covered by everyone, not just Fox. Much as Fox likes to play up such happenings and some of the others like to play it down, at the end of the day, it is the almighty ratings and audience share that determines content.

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