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Which best describes you: "I'll sleep whenever I'm tired" or "I'll sleep when I'm dead (Morrison)"?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 12th, 2010

Do you nap?

Do you sleep a lot – and what’s a lot?

Do you take a siesta whenever you feel like it?

Do you like Lasagna?

Or perhaps you’re a night owl or a party animal that can go without sleep by way of Red Bull and uppers?

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I’m a night owl…recently, have started to nap…like lasagna.

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I am a night owl, I worked a lot of night shifts out of necessity and then evenings out of preference. I can stay awake for a long time but I can also sleep until 1 in the afternnon if I don’t have to pee. I mostly cannot nap which I think is a pity. I don’t love lasagna, rather have chili. I take sleeping pills.

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I’ll sleep when I am dead.
I don’t like to nap.
I get most of my sleep during movies.
Lasagna is good.
I am a night owl and don’t do drugs.

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I can’t take a siesta whenever I feel like it (and I feel like it a lot, as my life is uber-full) so when the chance for a nap comes up, I take it. Usually I must nap on Sunday afternoon because I danced all night (and I mean all night and some morning) on Saturday night.

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I never nap and you can’t make me!

Don’t waste my time sleeping!!

Siestas are spicy naps and those I will do often!

Lasagna beats meatloaf any day of the week!

Night owl I am….whoooo wants to fly the night away with me?

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Time enough for the Earth when I’m dead indeed; let’s party.

And yeah lasagna, FTW.

But also, those who sleep during the day are cognizant of things which escape those who sleep by night…or something like that, but whatever it is, it’s true. I like my naps. ...ecxept when I wake up with a bunch of dead leaves in my hair because I fell asleep next to an open window. Hope some fly didn’t lay its babies in my nose.

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Only @Simone_De_Beauvoir skipped the details. You jellies Rock!

Thanks for the posts.

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@zenele I so did not! I just chose to answer some of your questions. And no I don’t like lasagna or red bull but I can stay up for many days and nights.

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Hendrix was better.

Oh. That really wasn’t the question, was it? Must be losing my touch.

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I like quick nano naps, they refresh me.

I am not a good sleeper at night, I regularly wake up every couple of hours. I go back to sleep listening to a book on the iPod.

Is there a difference between a siesta and a nap? I never knew it.

Nope lasagna is way too heavy for me and I won’t eat any minced meat unless I grind it myself, do you know what they put in that stuff! I do love your eggs on tomato stuff though!

Red Bull was not around when I was in the party mode, then it was stay up all night on pure adrenalin and excitement. But that was then and not anymore! Past 10PM is now a late night.

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I give in to sleep when I’m too punchy to do anything else!
Unless I’m that tired, I often can’t sleep anyhow.

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I rarely nap unless I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep a lot, usually only 4–6 hours a day if that. I love lasagna. I’m a night owl, but I don’t use anything to keep me awake. I do my best work late at night. I can stay up for long periods of time and be completely refreshed and ready to go after a 3 hour nap.

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@rooeytoo Is there a difference between a siesta and a nap? I never knew it.

Nap: to sleep for a short time; doze.
Siesta: a midday or afternoon rest or nap, esp. as taken in Spain and Latin America.

Do I look South American to you?~

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I sleep when I’m tired. I’d like to sleep more and regularly. Naps are divine.

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I love to have a wee siesta on a bed of lasagna whilst being doused with Redbull.

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@zenele pshaw…off to nap.

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I am a terrible insomniac, so anytime I can sleep is good for me.

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The phrase is stupid and makes no sense, really. I have ‘borderline’ narcolepsy and nothing makes me madder than when people tell me ‘oh, you can sleep when you’re dead!’. Well then, we’re not having dinner tonight because you can eat when you’re dead, now get the $&@& out of my face and let me sleep on this park bench in peace!!!
Also, if anyone here speaks ill of naps or lasagna I WILL FIGHT YOU.

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@jjmah – sounds exciting! :-)

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I sleep very well…

and like Lasagna!

Don’t do drugs!

Oh, love Van’s music!

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I’ll sleep when I’m tired. Statistically, sleeping when I’m dead means I’ll be dead sooner.

I don’t nap, though. My circadian rhythm is awesome – I can’t sleep in daylight.

I get about 7–8 hours a night. Sleeping “a lot” would be upwards of nine, I think.

Sure. I just never feel like it.

I love lasagna. That reminds me, I need to hit the grocery store for some Ricotta. Making baked ziti for dinner.

I never do Red Bull, but I regularly pull 20+ hour stints of no sleep. Gotta do what you gotta do. I’m Designated Alyson, and if anyone’s getting home safely, I need to stay awake.

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Definately “I’ll sleep when I’m tired”. I enjoy napping and, seeing as I often have problems sleeping at night, being able to have a good nap is really helpful. Sadly I can usually only nap on weekends as I work during the week.

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