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What celebrity would your pet sound like if they could talk?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) July 12th, 2010

My 13 year old Persian would sound like a British Steven Wright.
Sunny the hoodcat sounds like a combination of Roseanne and Lil’ Kim.
What about yours?

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My cat would sound like Roseanne.

Holy crap, I didn’t even read your details!

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My cat Gremily would sound like Marge Simpson.
My cat Bill would sound like Howlin Wolf
My dog Gracie would sound like Justin Timberlake.

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Harley the Rabbit, Roadie the turtle and Otis the monster goldfish are all dead ringers for Joe Teller from Penn and Teller. Can’t tell the difference…it’s uncanny!

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@Cruiser lol
If my pet talked like Morgan Freeman thatd be pretty bitchin :P

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Molly would sound like Scooby Doo. I talk for her in Scooby’s voice now.

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My daughter’s cat would sound like Fran Drescher in the Nanny if the nanny was angry. Her dog would sound like Don Knotts- all bluster!

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No consensus yet!

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@uberbatman and @kikibirdjones now if only I could get them to do the magic part I’d be set!

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Cheech Marin

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I would love if one of my dogs sounded like Alan Rickman

The other dog would have to be Sean Connery

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Garth from Wayne’s world and Donald Pleasence from Halloween.

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My cocker would have sounded like Sally Field.

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My youngest dog sounds like Glenn Beck – always whining about something if she is not getting constant attention

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Here’s Cheech.

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He is cute!!!!!

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My dog would be a young Madonna.

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My dog is Queensland Heeler, so would probably sound Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2.

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My Rosie cat would have sounded like Katharine Hepburn, Zolicat like Jamie Lee Curtis My Jacquito like GĂ©rard Depardieu, and my Jilly is a cross between Grace Kelly and the Queen of England.

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Spoony THE Cat would talk just like the Science Channel’s charming astrophysicists, Michio Kaku. She’d talk about the same things, too. Well, that and canned tuna fish.

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I would like two ferrets that sound like Click and Clack, and a budgie that sounds like Miiiiichele Norris. I would take them on long car trips with me and let magic happen.

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Chelste, the cat, was mute. She’d open her mouth, but no sound ever came out. So maybe Mary Pickford or Lillian Gish?

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I think my dog is a Katherine Hepburn, due to her age. Makes sense.

@chyna Scooby doo doooo!!!!!

I need to add my dogs fav song to dance to is “who let the dogs out”

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We love our cat, but she can be demanding and quite vocal so we decided a while back that she is the cat version of Janice from Friends that dated Chandler. Her favorite words were “Oh…….......Gaaawd!”

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Gilbert Gottfried.

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Christoph Waltz.

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