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Like water sports much? Like surfing and diving?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 12th, 2010

We’re going kite-surfing today!

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I obviously always wanted to get into scuba diving. Just far to expensive for my poor self to even get a class :( Sooo for now i admire the ocean from afar.

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Yes,I do! I try to spend as much time as I can boating,canoeing,swimming.I like boogie-boarding and water skiing as well…and sometimes just floating down the river in an inner tube.Right Vunessuh? :)

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I’ll take water skiing any day!

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Surfing, longboard but kite sailing looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy.

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I first read water sports as something else.

Yes. The girlfriend and I are now apart of a sailing team. We race every Weds. on Lake Huron.


It’s funny, but as excellent a swimmer I am (I swim for leisure, and I used to swim competitively), surfing and diving are two things that do not interest me. I played a bit of water polo in my younger days, but I didn’t like that either. I am just an excellent swimmer, nothing more. ;)

Another odd thing is that my two little daughters are scared of going into a body of water. Maybe it’s because they are still very young, but we’ve tried many times to introduce them to a swimming pool but to no avail. They always end up crying, pleading to be “rescued”. Sigh. Lol.

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They are my number one passion, including snow sports. Though the only sport I have no desire to try is scuba diving. I’m very claustrophobic, and I’m terrified I may start coughing or something, and not be able to get to the surface in time.

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I love the ocean, I always feel at peace when I am there. Kite surfing looks fantastic. I’ve not tried it but I love wind surfing and sailing. I think kite surfing would be great. But I don’t know if I still have the upper body strength. Do you wear a harness or do you just hang on for dear life? Can’t wait to hear how it turns out Zennie!

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Neh, not really. I do waterskii sometimes, amateur style.

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Once…not anymore! Prefer non contact sports now!

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Sounds fantastic! :) I love water sports. I’ve never been scuba diving, but it’s something I plan on in the future.

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Update: his first lesson went great! He loves it.

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@zenele Very cool!! I bet you had a blast!

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Very proud of him – and it was a lot of fun videotaping and photographing him. Big fan of the kid. We’re going again soon to continue.

I need a lottery win fast!

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But how did your lesson go? Didn’t you have a go too?

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Nah. Just the kid. I was the film crew – paparazzi.

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@zenele – you shouldn’t let your kids have all the fun. Next time you have a lesson too, you deserve it!

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@rooeytoo You do realize we’re talking about kite-surfing – not channel-surfing, right?!~

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@zenele – you mean where you are on a modified surf board and attached to a kite that looks like a power kite, yep I would love to try it. They also do kiting on snowboards and skateboards. The idea of flying (but not too high) without an engine has intrigued me ever since I started playing Nintendo and Super Mario does it. I often dream I can fly, wonder what that means???

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^ I often dream I can fly, wonder what that means??? Means you’re a boy – anywhere from ages 4–94 and beyond.

Don’t we all dream to fly? For my thirtieth birthday I was given lessons from a pilot friend of mine – in a word – wow. (In the air or in the sea, that’s where I want to be – feeling free.)

I’ll show you pics as soon as I upload and arrange them. I suck at that part of the technology – but improving.

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I think that was a sexist remark Zennie, but I won’t dwell on it cuz I like you, heheheh.

Can’t wait to see the pics!

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