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What happens to Mario when he dies?

Asked by TexasDude (25249points) July 12th, 2010

Anyone denizen of the Western world that was alive anytime between the early 80’s to now is likely familiar with the Super Mario Bros. As an extension of that, they are probably familiar with the way in which he dies when struck by an enemy. He folds his hands, shimmies up into the air, and disappears off the bottom of the screen only to be reincarnated assuming he has some lives remaining?

So does Mario get to keep his original body when reincarnated? He goes down below the screen when he dies, so does that mean he goes to Hell? Is each incarnation of Mario a separate entity with one singular goal: to stomp on mutated mushrooms and bang a bitchy princess? Does this say anything about human nature?

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72 golden coin virgins.

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Luigi sells their business and spends all the money on hookers and cocaine.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

If I were him.


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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, lulz

@bob_, me too.

@rangerr, Oh God, I’ve seen that before! I think that’s what subconsciously inspired this question!

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Considering the crazy amount of Mario games which exist, I’d opt for reincarnation. But as James Rolfe says, nobody ever DIES at Nintendo games.

…until Friday the Thirteenth came out anyways…

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@rangerr: I’d give you a GA but that’s just too terrifying.

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@Symbeline, oh, I remember that game!

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It was some epic business! :D

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He doesn’t go anywhere. Sorry. There is no afterlife, not for people, not for Mario. The End.

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@lillycoyote, you mean Gosh won’t darn me to heck for not accepting his son Jeepers?!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard He is a binary being, consisting entirely of ones and zeroes, ons and offs and one day, like all of us, he will just be “off.”

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I remember reading an article on Mario years ago that explained that Mario and Luigi are really the evil characters, and Donkey Kong was the good but misunderstood focus of their evil.
Think about how they tortured DK in the game DK Jr.

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@Symbeline James Rolfe is my religion. He’s gunna take you back to the past…

Mario exists in a different reality – a video game, in which certain rules apply. There’s something about eating green mushrooms, collecting over 99 coins at a time and killing a particular number of enemies in rapid succession that gives him such immortal capabilities.

So, he shrugs his hands, sloops off of the screen and comes right back despite the damages. He has a recollection of his past lives (depending on the gamer in control). So then he goes…..

You know what? I have no idea. He just comes back, alright?

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@filmfann, holy christ you may be right.

@Disc2021, it’s strange, no?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard It sure is.

DK never really wanted to hurt anyone. He’s a gorilla, and like all gorillas, they just want to capture/grow attached to pretty girls.

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@Disc2021, just like King Kong. He only wanted to be loved.

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He carries on hopping about six feet under!

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@Disc2021…to play these shitty games that suck ass!

I apologize.

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Mario is a wuss, he dies when he is touched by mushrooms and turtles. Then he is reincarnated. That game was awesome!

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The only time Mario dies by molesting shroom is in Lost Levels. Man that pissed me off. I was like, dude, new blue shroom! What does THIS do? Turn me into Superman?! So I grabbed it and like, I just died. I was all like…oh.

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@Symbeline, that damn poison mushroom always pissed me the hell off.

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I KNOW. It always seems to be set up in a way that it always touches you even if you try to avoid it. I suppose that’s the point, but still. Anger.

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Mario does die, and his life of sin sends him directly to hades, hence the downward plummet. However, Mario is a charming and sneaky character, and he is constantly able to bribe the ferryman with a hundred gold coins or a green mushroom (the ferryman’s favorite!) to return him near the place of his demise.

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@Smashley, clever answer. I dig it.

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He becomes a boo. MINDTWIST – all the boos in all the Mario games are really all the dead Marios that piled up after the player killed him.

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