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How to grow a thicker skin?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) July 12th, 2010

I’m tired of being too sensitive….

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They say that if you cut your skin, it grows back thicker due to the scar tissue. I dunno. But the best way may be to collect a lot scars. Metaphorically speaking.

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There are plenty of wise Jellies that can provide tips. It would help if you could provide some examples of when you have felt hurt by someone else’s words or actions.


When someone goes out of their way to hurt you, they have an agenda of their own, which really is something they own. Not your issue, walk away with a smile. The more you do that, the stronger you get. Then it will began to become comical.

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Perhaps you are not too sensitive. perhaps your life is filled with hurtful people.

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I’ve that problem also. Without knowing what you are referring too, don’t have a good answer. Please provide an example. It could be you have a thin skin or around the wrong crowd!

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Don’t worry about it. LEARN from your mistakes.

Those mistakes will thicken your skin. But, it will take time to establish.
The truth hurts, but it will set you free. Just depends on how much “pain” you can responsibly handle.

Thin skinned people tend to avoid the process. Not being able to endure the discomfort that will eventually make them a “stronger” person.

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Take absolutely nothing personally. Including your thoughts your beliefs, the behaviour of others. Life. I mean this in all seriousness.

Beliefs change. Behaviours change (Also, you have no idea what’s going on in someone’s mind, and people behave in a certain way because of you, they behave in accordance with their own beliefs). It’s all ego. Your ego is not you.

The next time “you” tell “yourself”,” I am too fragile, my skin is too thin”, ask yourself, “Who is saying this?” Observe your thoughts and beliefs and behaviours. They are not you.

Observing yourself (instead of judging beliefs and beating yourself up) will help you realize that absolutely nothing needs to be taken personally, and the idea of needing to have a thick skin will be kind of nonsensical.

If you need help wrapping your head around all this, do read There Is Nothing Wrong With You by Cheri Huber.

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Whoops! I meant …people don’t behave in a certain way because of you, they behave in accordance with their own beliefs…


I use to be so sensitive I would almost cry if someone looked cross at me. Until I learned that people are just people. Not better, not worse, but just people. Some love to cause misery for others, so like to bring happiness. And their opinion is just their opinion, not necessarily mine, and it is mine that counts for me. Once I really learned that, people can say anything they want to me, and I either let it stick or roll off.

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Thank you for everyone’s input!
I feel better to see that there are people like me, who feel the same way, and who went through same emotions. Sometimes, I did felt that I was the only one with thin skin, and it was scary..


@Stasi Not for a minute are you the only one. I have two grown children and they are both somewhat thin skinned, especially my son. I was taught to always consider other people’s feelings, and so were my kids. So, maybe when someone doesn’t consider ours, we are hurt more than those that are not taught that. I don’t know, but I do know it is very painful, so the sooner you consider the source, the sooner you can dismiss them as inconsiderate jerks.

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