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Best way to get album art for my ipod?

Asked by bassist_king1 (310points) March 19th, 2008

whats the best way to get album art for my ipod? any suggestions on a program i could use or is it easier to just get the images myself off of google or somehwhere? also, will i be able to update them to my ipod as well as my itunes library on my comp? cuz i just have it set to manually manage music. would it be easiest just to resynch the songs over after i update the album art or is there a way to synch the album art over without deleting all my music, or setting it to automatically update my songs (cuz i have a ton of songs on my comp)

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If you have the latest version of iTunes, create and sign in to an AppleID account (it’s free unless you actually buy some music). Then, select all the songs in your library at once, alt-click, and select “Download Album Artwork”.

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Oh, and iTunes will exactly mirror the artwork on the iPod (the same way it mirrors track information). If this doesn’t happen automatically, probably a better way to sync your iPod (than selecting to manually manage music) is to select the option to sync music only from a certain playlist. You could then call this playlist [Your Name]‘s iPod and then drag any music you would like to be automatically synced to this list.

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There’s a program called CoverScout from equinux software that will find most of the album art iTunes doesn’t find for you. :)

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hmm, i cant seem to get itunes to let me make an accout without adding credit card information, which i dont have (unless i borrow one from my parents).
for the coverscout, it gives me a dmg file, and im on windows (dmg is on mac, right?)

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oops sorry assumed you were on a mac. That is only mac software sorry :(

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I usually just type in the album name on google images search, and then copy and paste a picure into itunes

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