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Microphone doesn't work for camera's hot shoe?

Asked by iwannamakemovies (233points) July 12th, 2010 from iPhone

I don’t want anyone to have to hold the microphone whenever we film, so no boom poles or boom mic stands. And there’s a lot of interference if we have extention wires on the mic, so the mic has to be 6 inches or closer to the camera. What should I do? $30 budget to fix this.

Mic: Rode Videomic
camera: Canon HF200

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The hot shoe is made to work with the flash. It’s not made to work with a microphone. What might work is getting a flash bracket and attaching the microphone to that. Not the hot shoe part though, because that’s still designed to work with a flash.

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Looks like the microphone is designed to work with a hotshoe for physical mounting (not audio signal. You have to plug it into the camera.

But it doesn’t look like that camera has a hotshoe, does it?

But there is a tripod mount screwhole on the bottom of the camera. Try this ? or same thing.

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