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Best way to remove window tint film from a vehicle's windows?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) July 13th, 2010

That tint film used to darken the windows of vehicles how do you remove it? I know it is not embedded in the window but how would you remove it without scratching the window or taking 3 years and a week getting it off?

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i could be VERY wrong, but i think a razor blade is the answer (maybe with some heat). but i highly recommend bringing it to a shop or at least stopping in to see what they recommend.

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This question might have some helpful information.

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This is how my son-in-law told me to do it and he was in the business.
You need a single edge razor blade, a spray bottle and baby shampoo, and a clothing steamer.
You fill the spray bottle with warm water and add just a few drops of baby shampoo. Steam one corner at the top of the window and with the razor or your fingernail, you work a corner or edge of the film loose at the top of the window. Gently pull the film down a little. Spray the glass that you have uncovered and scrape with the razor. The sticky boogery glue should ball up and come off with your razor. Keep working down, steaming and pulling the film and cleaning with the razor blade after the glass is uncovered, till you get to the bottom of the window and the film is all off. Clean any remaining goo with the spray mixture and the razor blade.

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This method is BY FAR the easiest way to remove your tint. It requires NO razorblades unless you WANT to use one. This greatly reduces the mess involved.

Took me about 90 minutes, start to finish for all 5 windows.

Things you need:
Fabric Steamer
– I bought one from Walmart for $20

Things you may want to use:
– For rubbing off excess glue, if you pull to hard.
Razor Blade
– In place of towel, works better but somewhat of a mess.

You want to go at this very easily, so you dont pull the tint off the glue, but make them come off the window as one piece. The glue is very easy to get off with this method, but you shouldn’t have to at all.

Roll your window down a hair for some room. Steam the corner of the window, hold steamer about 1–2 inches away for about 30–60 seconds. Use your finger nail to pick at the edge to lift the tint.

Keep peeling away at the tint, be sure not to pull too hard and separate the tint and glue!

Keep pulling until you’ve got the tint in one corner. Go lightly so you don’t rip it or cause the glue to stay on the glass.

i didnt write this review xnick did on

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Yes, how @superneil21 described it. I used the shampoo/spray and razor to clean off the glue bits that were left on. If you steam it enough and go slow enough, there won’t be much glue residue.
It worked for me.

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