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Bee in the beer of a crude coworker, do you warn them or dummy up?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 13th, 2010

Say you are at a company pic nic or BBQ and one of the supers who is really nasty, snide, egomaniacal, Boorish, and snobby is sitting near you and leaves to go use the restroom. While away a bee circles his/her beer can then goes down in it undetected by anyone but you. Then said butt nugget super returns from the restroom makes some crude joke about you trying to steal food off their plate because you don’t earn as much and thus must be poor. Would you say something about the bee in the beer, would you say nothing, would you secretly hoped the bee did not drown and sting the s*** out of them, or they swallow it and get their throat stung, would you slap the beer from their hand and use the bee as the reason?

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Even if I hated their guts, I would tell them. I wouldn’t want to get my throat stung. I would probably think of some practical joke to play on them, you know a dead fish wired to the manifold of their car, something annoying but not too destructive.

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I’d tell them, but if they didn’t believe me, I’d just say something like “fine, suit yourself” and walk away.

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I’d pass on being a possible accomplice in murder.

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I would not feel any obligation to tell the guy something.
He’s probably accuse me of putting it there.
There are times where minding your own business is the wisest choice.

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I’d have to tell him. 1 – for personal safety; 2 – to save them from embarrassment should he react upon discovering it; 3 – to set an example of an act of kindness.

He may not believe me without checking, and he may think it was done as a prank. It doesn’t matter to me what he thinks…I’ve done all that I could, other than replacing the beer (which wouldn’t happen unless it was someone I respected).

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I dont think he would believe me. and I think nature karma could strike, with me the only one knowing. I’m glad @Dr_Lawrence has the same opinion. Help butt nugget after personal attack? I’m not that big of a saint., not anymore.

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I’m comfortable with his experiencing the natural consequences of leaving his beer uncovered outside. It is not like I set a trap for him!

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Anybody who wouldn’t tell is as big a douchebag as the coworker, or even more so. What if the guy’s allergic? Unless he killed your mom or something, whatever he did to you is not a good reason not to warn of possible bee consumption.

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I’m still laughing at “butt nugget”.

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GA @MacBean – I can’t imagine being so vindictive as to not tell anyone about something as potentially serious as a bee sting in your throat. I don’t consider myself any kind of saintly type person usually quite the opposite, but that is just common decency.

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I’d tell….
Nothing to gain from not telling and a lot to loose.
(Especially on the guilt-like emotional side)

Nothing to loose from telling the guy and possibly something to gain.
(The guy may wise up…. quite often the behavior described is a consequence of insecurity.)

In all honesty…. I would more likely consider what the consequence of not warning was to me of not telling…. making it likely I would even warn a convicted killer.
These people are not worthy of my feeling guilty.

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I’d tell him, like @whitenoise said. “These people are not worthy of my feeling guilty.”

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I’d take the high road and tell them.

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Why are you guys assuming this is a dude? I say let the bitch drink her bee beer.

Nah. I’d probably warn her. She could be allergic to bees.

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Why is this person even at the party?

I would have removed him at the first sigh of butt nuggetness.

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I’d tell the person. I really don’t let people get away with behavior like that towards me, though. If the person was as much of an ass as you’re describing, they’d definitely get a piece of my mind. But I would tell them about the bee.

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@Dr_Lawrence I beg to differ. Not warning someone of a potential injury is setting a trap. If it was someone you liked, would you let them know? If so, the response was a rationalization.

@AstroChuck Guilty! Thanks for mentioning it.

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“Cheers to your success, sir.”

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I’d tell.

I heard a story on the commentary of one of my Looney Toons Golden Collection discs last night. Seems as though every so often, the animators at Termite Terrace would have a beer at their desk while they worked. One day, this guy, who had a beer at his desk, excused himself and went to some other part of the building. The director Bob Clampett (who I like to call Mr Hottie) then dumped the guy’s beer out the window, took a whiz in the mug and squirted in enough dish soap to foam up the top. The animator returned. After a while, he was just about to drink the evil swill when another animator from the back of the room shrieked, “NO! DON’T DRINK IT! BOB PEED IN IT!” Bob ran out the door before the animator could sock him one.

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@aprilsimnel Good story. In my opinion, drinking urine is far worse than a bee.

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This is karma in action my friends. I wouldn’t tell him. The bee probably died already anyway, and if he didn’t notice it when going for his drink well then it’s his fault. Bugs go in beers outdoors regardless of if you are there or not. If it was someone I liked of course I’d tell them, but someone whose first response when returning is of jovially accusing me of stealing their food isn’t worth my time in warning.

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The truth is, despite my evil mood yesterday, I would tell him or at least spill his beer so he would not get stung! I haven’t got an evil bone in my body. My conscience is too strong.

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@worriedguy Hint when you have something on your a** all the time it is usually a little piece of s*** = “butt nugget”. ;-)

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